Posted September 16, 2021 from Nigeria
Woman on FIRE!
This is the work of my good friend and amazing artist; PROMISE UDO. He shares this art as a representation of how all women must remember their mission to mother earth. How their role should never make them forget themselves. To love humanity is to love thyself.

Some say, ‘to serve and protect,’

But, I long to be more than a badge on a straight jack,

In this world, it’s about selflessness,

Honour, integrity, the love of the aim;

An aim of saving lives and standing guard,

This is the world I have longed to be part of,

This has been my desire from my youth.

Here I became the warrior of my time,

Taking on tasks of travail,

Mapping out moves for my mission,

Now, the vision for the mission has commissioned me,

Finally, it fits!

I wear the straight jack with honor and pride,

Now, I fit perfectly into the world I yearned for.


An old man once said;

“You cannot love another human being until you understand the true meaning of love which is; love yourself first.”

In life there are no shortcuts to success because it is a road that involves your hard work, disappointing people, stepping on toes, and maybe being a little headstrong sometimes.

The bottom line is, recognize that as much as you want to satisfy everyone, you are just as important as they are.

 Love and be kind to yourself first and then it will be easy to pay it forward. This is the language of love for a better humanity.


This piece is written in response to HEALING THROUGH ART...

This story was submitted in response to Healing through Art.

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Sep 16
Sep 16

In other words, " You cannot give what you don't have"..self love is the best love.
Thanks for sharing.

Sep 16
Sep 16

Thank you so much, Chidinma. You just hit the exact chord.

Beth Lacey
Sep 17
Sep 17

You are so right. It all starts with self-love

Sep 19
Sep 19

Exactly Beth,
A lot of women forget this so much. Taking so much time taking care of others and their feelings, they forget, it all starts from a love within.

Sep 19
Sep 19

"the vision for the mission has commissioned me"
I love everything about that line!

Sep 19
Sep 19

That's the beauty about poetry. You twist words and they come out meaningful and beautiful. Thanks so much