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Posted July 26, 2019 from Nigeria
Youth in their numbers protest for El Zakzaky
Protesters move out for their leader
Protesters move out for their leader (1/1)

Over the past few months, residents in Nigeria’s Federal capital have been living in fear of the unknown with the off and on protests of the Shia Muslims. This is an Islamic group who come out in their numbers to fight for the cause of one man’s freedom; Ibrahim El Zakzaky.

The journey of this man’s battle with the military forces dates as far back as the 80s and to this day, the famous El Zakzaky who was a Muslim cleric remains a heroic figure and leader of the Islamic Muslim movement. While he is loved and respected by his followers, on the other hand he has been accused of spearheading an Islamic group tagged with a violent streak and who work in non-conformity with Nigerian legal forces. This battle is a huge worry for the nation especially now where the fight against terrorism is eminent and the strive for peace building is being targeted. The solution can best be a common ground to be reached for the safety of Nigerians and the safety of the leader of the Shia muslims.

Looking at the protests so far took me back to 2014 before I entered the University. I recall how El Zakzaky was staunchly embalmed on the hearts of so many youths back home where he started off in Kaduna, northern Nigeria. They would come out in masses with their Shia flags and posters of their leader. They would raise their voices for freedom of expression to speak for this man. A man who since the inception of the movement had lost six sons! Not to mention the hundreds of lives lost in a bid to fight back military forces.  This is a battle of over 25 years and still counting.

Today, we see history repeating itself as we have more energetic youths who feel passionate about their religious belief so much so that they aim to protect their own even if it would cost them their blood.

Truly, this is a commendable drive coming from the youths of today. To want something so badly even to the point of death is the rarest quality especially in our time. Imagine the progress that could be witnessed if this sort of passion is redirected towards nation building.

For instance, Nigeria being a nation of over 190 million people has a growing population of youths who if well nurtured, can be the country’s speed boat to development. When we talk of development, it’s not about having resources available for reforms nor is it about having accountable leaders on the spot who can whisk development to reality with the available resources. Development is meaningful when it concerns sustaining the future of any nation to ensure that the restructuring of today blossoms into a new economic system that can attend to a growing population over time.

So the big question now is how can we sustain? The simple answer lies in making sure our youths are engaged adequately. Just as we see youths coming out in their masses to protest for one man’s freedom, we need to help the youths in channeling their energy to the sustainable development goals.Push them to fight for better government, technological know-how, creating entrepreneurship projects and much more. This will be the key to building a new world system hoped for in the 2023 projection.

As we ponder over this, I leave this message to all youths out there;

When thoughts are driven by success rather than progress,

It becomes the first stage of ambition which leads to limitation.

Often times I hear people say “I am limited because of low

Funds, lack of opportunities, poor motivation...”

Truth, we are our biggest limitation. When you set all eyes

On the price, you will only get a slice of the pie. But when

You set all your energy on the journey to the price,

Then be rest assured you will have a whole table of

Delicacies and you will be spoiled for choice.

So, don’t be your limitations, rather determine your limits.

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Jul 26, 2019
Jul 26, 2019

Hi Suzan,

Thank you for sharing this current situation.
History repeats itself....
When will we learn.... A question should everyone reflects.. Or else PEACE will never be present.

Jul 28, 2019
Jul 28, 2019

Exactly, you took my words out of my mouth. When no lessons are learnt things will surely be repeated.
It's highly time we walk the talk. Thanks

Jill Langhus
Jul 27, 2019
Jul 27, 2019

Hi Suzan,

I agree that if people spent more time focused on positive endeavors, their future, hope, development and peace, your country, and the world would be well away. Thanks for sharing your informative and motivating post. I hope you're doing well, and having a great weekend!

Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Jul 31, 2019
Jul 31, 2019

Hello, Suzan,

What a powerful message you left us! I agree with what you wrote: “we need to help the youths in channeling their energy to the sustainable development goals”.

Thank you for sharing!

Sep 26, 2019
Sep 26, 2019

Hi suzan,
I am a Nigerian and I live in Nigeria. Our leaders enjoy the joblessness they cause because they use the youths who are unemployed to achieve their selfish ends. I also weep for the youths who allow themselves to be used in most cases by these horrible leaders.
It all goes to tell us the decay in the leadership of this country over a long period of time. No sustainable programmes to take care of the future of the youths of this country.

Thank you Suzan for sharing this story.

Harriet Chimdirimebere

Anita Shrestha
Oct 05, 2019
Oct 05, 2019

Thank you very much sharing. And 'don’t be your limitations, rather determine your limits'. It makes me more encouragement to all of us.

leila Kigha
Dec 16, 2019
Dec 16, 2019

Thank you for sharing Suzan,
It’s sad how history keeps repeating itself in Africa. Here in Cameroon we have a similar situation of youth uprising against a very corrupt system but unfortunately the energy and determination to live or die for a cause like you say would be much more effective if we can channel that towards development goals.

We can only hope Africa in general will come out of this web of repeated failed battles and focus our attention and energy on the course we have to be in for ourselves and our future. Thank you for sharing and we pray things stabilize in Nigeria.

Dr Jackie
Jan 27
Jan 27

Ji Suzan,
I really appreciate your perspective here! We the youth of Africa have the task of embracing a new paradigm. We must see ourselves as the new change we want to see! Hate and retaliation will not take us anywhere but a conscious decision of channeling our energy for the right course is the only way out! Keeping speaking up, it all starts from awareness building.

Jan 28
Jan 28

Thank you so much. We can only keep alert and make impact.

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi

Hi Suzan,
It is very sad that this is not only in Nigeria but most African countries where we have leaders who only care for their own interests and want to stay in power forever. The youth need to be educated on to use their energy in a more positive way. Thank you for pointing it out.
Stay blessed