Posted September 11, 2020 from Nigeria

I watched him break,

As biscuit snaps at a crack,

He broke into total oblivion,

As the joyful voices of their love,

Danced around ecstatic,

They smiled at the presence of their

Earthly folds,

Withholding the pains of hidden discoveries.


It was torture.

The victim like a snake plotted,

Withdrawing into bustling confinement.

The caregiver, as dogged as a fierce rat,

Stared eyeball to eyeball at the distraught.


The caregiver often weakened and withdrawn,

Yet bursts out with ingenuities of the unexpected,

Taking charge, showing prowess, giving hope.


The victim, a being of strength,

In complete awe at how strength becomes ice,

Melting away in the face of ailment,

How the powerful become powerless,

When nature cannot be arrested.


The victim ponders,

Resting molds of muscles on the giver of care,

This giver who masks pain in order to be the victim’s shield,

To be a sword for battle for the fold.

This caregiver, lifting every load like the laborious ants,

With hidden scars, the giver fights

To hold the fold united in their hole.


But who is this caregiver?

This being of extraordinary inexplicit,

This wonder who walks willingly

With waves of weakness yet never whimpering.


The caregiver,

This is the neck of the being,

The holder of the home,

The mother of man.

She endures with joyous pain

The tortures of her predicament

Her life, a thin thread,

Yet she shows little care.


Her care is for the victim, her lover,

For the fold, her loves,

She is care,

She is a hero.


This is to raise our voices to all those mothers who sacrifice themselves in order to care for family members who are infected with COVID-19. You are and always will be Heros.

This was written to respond to Poetry for Paintings.

This story was submitted in response to From Poetry to Paintings .

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Isata Kabia
Sep 11
Sep 11

What a beautiful expression, Suzan. It is so poignant and the photo speaks volumes. I thought about kk the care givers in my life, and hope I can be that to others. Thank you for sharing.

Sep 11
Sep 11

Thanks a lot Isata, we need to always appreciate the sacrifice.

Nini Mappo
Sep 12
Sep 12

Dear Suzan,
Thank you for honouring women as caregivers. It is not often thought of. It does not win any international recognition. But it wins that beautiful, soulful recognition from the heart.
We had a kitchen fire today. My husband was cooking. I was in another room in an online meeting. The smoke alarm went off repeatedly, our two older children were crying, the baby woke up all at once, and I was in the middle of explaining something in the meeting. One of the colleagues said "Would you like to go and help?"

So I did, and each child could now get a full cuddle from one parent. And the fire terrified them so that they kept crying and would not let you go.
I missed a good chunk of my meeting. But I was a healer during the time I would have been 'building on' work discussion.
Care giving at every age is central to building well adjusted and strong individuals in the society. It quietens our fears and makes us stronger to face what we must face. It brings clam to chaos. It is not honoured enough, or celebrated enough, and I was so glad to read your post on it! Thank you, for sharing.

Sep 12
Sep 12

Thank you so much Nini and thank God no one got hurt in the fire. When things like this happen, it only shows the important role a mother fills in the home. We will continue to talk about it until more people understand the meaning and the demands. Stay blessed.

Sep 19
Sep 19

Thank you for sharing.

Hello, Suzan,

Bless your observant soul for honoring the unsung sheroes, the caregivers. It is the caregivers we call when people are vulnerable, from babies to the sick ones to the dying ones. Thank you for showing their strength in your poem.

Sep 21
Sep 21

Thank you so much Karen, I have been there and I have encountered those who have been there. It is a blessing to be a caregiver.

J Brenda Lanyero
Sep 26
Sep 26

Hello Suzan.
This is really amazing. The picture says it all.
It has reminder me of something. I remember I cared for my mother till she passed on. I was a bit young but it planted that seed of care in me.

Oct 09
Oct 09

Thank you for sharing your story. May God bless women as care givers

Oct 09
Oct 09

Amen. Thanks a lot Ikirimat.