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About Me

my name is suzette katrina jordan and i was born on the 21.10.,1974 in kolkata west bengal india so to speak but the day i was born was the day i survived a henious crime'rape' subjected on me that turned my whole life upside down!
I have 2 daughters, my older girl is 17 yrs old and her name is rhea nicolette jordan and my smaller girl is 15 and her name is jade shania jordan, i have been a single mother for the past 12 yrs and with the help of my mother who lives with me i have brought up my beautiful girls who have been one of my biggest reasons to fight against the crime that has left me scarred for my whole life........the wounds on the outside have healed but the inner wounds have killed the very person that use to be suzette a erson who was un afraid and strong and bold and brave i know i display all of the above even now !!! as thats what i would like women to feel so that no matter how bad the trauma they still have hope to fight back ..... as MOTHER THERESA said ' i dont have what you have ...and you dont have what i have but together we can be miracle workers and be that change ' peace and love the 2 words that can change the world to be victorious in my endevour to be the voice for the million tormented souls that cant voice their pain ...... life

My Vision

to spread love and the joy of living in equality as God made us uncondiotionally with the power of free will to make our lives peaceful