I have no choice because am a girl!

Meril Swan
Posted September 22, 2020 from Bangladesh

After 3 years of an endless,pure relation with this guy suddenly disappeared from my life because his family thinks am not good for him..If I can stand beside him then why can't he?? He cut off every communication with me..He's not even calling/texting me at all..He's acting as if like he never existed at all!! I told my mom about it.She told me that she would call him but if he still does the same she would forbid me to call or text him and in later after some years she will choose someone for me to marry...

Am not having his support,I still love him deeply..I just wish when my mom will call him,am gonna hear positive news...

Am really breaking into tears... 

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Nini Mappo
Sep 22
Sep 22

Sending love dear beautiful Swangirl :(
That is tough. I am glad that you have a supportive mum and I can only pray that when you do marry, you will marry out of love, not because of someone arranged for you.
I am also praying that the one you love will have enough courage to talk to you and to stand up to his parents and defend love.
Sending you lots of hugs for comfort and tissues for the tears, and sparkles to brighten you up :)

Meril Swan
Sep 22
Sep 22

Awww,I really love you love you so sooo much..I mean ur affectionate lovely message seems like I have you in my real life..Really really thanks for supporting me whenever I need..
Thanks for praying..
Lots of love my dear Nini:)

Hello, Swangirlmeril,

Wow, three years of a loving relationship all gone because of his family. That is truly heartbreaking, dear sister. Sending you loads of love and hugs, dear. Is this a long distance relationship? Or is he nearby?

Your mother is so sweet to help resolve this relationship issue. It must hurt her to see you in pain. Please update us, dear. We want to let you know that you are not going through this alone. There are sisters here who will be encouraging you.

It's ok to cry because that is truly a painful experience. Please take deep breaths. I hope that man will see your true value and will fight for you. If not, then he's not worth fighting for at all. I always believe this, dear, " If a man loves you, he will pursue you".

Meril Swan
Sep 22
Sep 22

Firstly take my immense Love my Sweet Karen:)
You know anything happens,happens for good..
I mean I never thought of having that much love from you guys!! Its literally a blessing really..I'm just so and so glad for joining the WP family..
Yes Karen,it is a nearby type of relation(Damn,I am not even saying it was,am saying it is though it's not)..It was really more then a relation for me..
I will sure update about this because there is only WP family with whom I can share my stress..
Much much much Love for becoming the healing energy that I need right now:)