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Do you have an oppotunity to share for someone like me who is willing to help others?

Posted March 9, 2019 from Philippines
Expired on April 25, 2019
Help one to ripple help to others
Offering opportunities can largely change others lives.

I want to organize a support group for people experiencing depression while still doing my volunteer works. So, I'm searching for a job or opportunity that pays to sustain my daily needs in order for me to carry out my advocacies.

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In our community hopefully there would be a raise in awareness for people having depression and we'd be there to be an actual support system for these people. Hopefully I'd create an environment where its ok to be vulnerable and maybe lower down the rate of depressed people and suicidal attempts.

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Jill Langhus
Mar 10
Mar 10

Hi Sycamore Tree,

I think your idea is a great one. Good luck with creating your group. I hope you keep us posted on the creation and progress of of your initiative.

Tamarack Verrall
Mar 10
Mar 10

This is a great idea. Good luck with it!