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About Me

A teacher by profession and I am someone passionate about helping others especially the girl child.Around my neighbourhood a lot of young girls find it difficult to see themselves through school and this push them to engage in certain degarding activities .The bad thing about this is that their mothers are helpless in this situation because they themselves are not ecomically viable.If my Mom was not economically independent,I don't think I and my siblings would have been able to go through school.

My Vision

I am inspired by my mother.I believe by financially empowering these women,the education of their female children will be secured.


Establish small scale businesses for the woman.Those who are already having a business,their capitals increased.Donating tools to farmers .


Teacher with leadership qualities.
Cooking skills
Taking a training on the fabrication of female hats .
Computer literate .


Economic PowerEducation EqualityEmpowering Girls