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Posted August 9, 2019 from Cameroon

I will be having a workshop on the topic empowered women and girls to be lead the change. This workshop will be on the 21st of these month. Will share pictures and all after the workshop is over. Stay tune for more

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Jill Langhus
Aug 09, 2019
Aug 09, 2019

Hello Dear,

How are you doing? Your workshop sounds great. Do you want to give more details, such as location, and who to RSVP to, so you can have more in attendance, or share on the "Resources" page to get more attendees, or do you a maximum level already?

This is the "Resources" page: https://www.worldpulse.com/my-pulse/voices#pills-resources

Looking forward to seeing the workshop photos and update.

Good luck:-)

Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Aug 09, 2019
Aug 09, 2019

Hello, TabeRuth,

That is an important topic to discuss. I’m glad you are organizing this workshop. You give us something to look forward to. Thank you for announcing it here.

Praying for your success!

Zohra Elias
Aug 09, 2019
Aug 09, 2019

Hello Taberuth,
An interesting topic to be discussed, good luck with your workshop.
I’m following up dear.
Good luck to you, and please keep us updated.
Thank you for sharing this information with us.

Aug 09, 2019
Aug 09, 2019

Hi dear,
You do enjoy your workshop and don't forget to send us details later. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

Beth Lacey
Aug 09, 2019
Aug 09, 2019

I hope it goes exceptionally well

Adriana Leigh G.
Aug 11, 2019
Aug 11, 2019

AH thanks for sharing Taberuth and nice to meet you, looking forward to seeing pictures!! This issue is close to my heart!

Hugs from Montreal,

Tamarack Verrall
Aug 12, 2019
Aug 12, 2019

Hi Babe Ruth,
This sounds so good! All the best as it unfolds. I look forward to the report with pictures.