Heal Women and Girls with Me

About Your Initiative

Gender-Based Violence is the greatest human rights violation of women and girls that takes place in their sacred spaces, their homes & workplaces and impacts not just a women’s personal life but impacts the way she leads families, organizations & movements all over the world.

I believe that every little girl is born powerful, courageous, beautiful and worthy, There is nothing in this world she cannot do and then something happens.

As a result I have created Every Little Girl Has a Story campaign, a memoir, a model and a training where I bridge spirituality, healing, and trauma to alter the lives of girls and women such that in the place where trauma once stood and violence occupied, their future arises and they can lead from a place of power and not from an unhealed past.

Who is being impacted by my initiative?

100 organizations and the women and girls who lead them in 2 years.

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