When one of our sisters die , Justice is born within.

Posted October 7, 2012 from United States
In loving menory of Karla Shah, may she continue to guide us in our fight for justice.
In loving menory of Karla Shah, may she continue to guide us in our fight for justice.
In loving menory of Karla Shah, may she continue to guide us in our fight for justice. (1/3)

On behalf of the Universe, I want to send you some love this Sunday from New York because one of us is gone. This week a dear friend of mine was murdered in her house in Queens, please read below....

The fall has come again with a basket full of abundant opportunities and death knocking at the front door. On Thursday my dear friend Karla Shah was found murdered in her apartment in Queens. She had asked me two weeks ago for the second time to go to the beach with her and I never did. Death will come into all our lives this fall cause the winds of change is here to support us in letting go of the things that do not serve us. I wonder today what would have happened if I listened to myself the way Karla saw me, as a powerful person that she wanted to get to know, what a difference I could have made for her and her for me. Today, in honor of Karla I will bury the part of me that is scared of my leadership and my power, the part of me that is not generous, does not trust, is an individualist and judges herself so much that opportunities to be with other powerful people come and go. Karla would have wanted nothing more but for me to step into my greatness. For all of you that don't know, that I havent told lately, I LOVE YOU! All we have is today. Forgive someone, pick up the phone acknowledge them, open up to love and ask yourself how would I want to be with this person if I knew I would never see them again?

I am a stand as you are to end violence against women and humanity in this lifetime and it starts with me, us just taking a minute to tell ourselves and each other I love you and to ask for forgiveness and forgive ourselves for anything that I have done or we have done that has caused impact or incomplete ness amongst ourselves in our circles and communities. Today is all we got to live into the world we want by being our most powerful selves at all times and restoring our integrity when we cant show up that way. This week I invite us to be unstoppable, fearless, courageous powerful leaders existing for nothing but creating miracles! Every hour of the day give something up, be unreasonable forgive anyway, be generous, be a contribution and love anyway! Sin limites, without limits, con consciencia, be conscience, humilde de corzaon, with a humble heart just be nothing short of your most precious, greatness and powerful self!

September 28 at 5:45pm Karla Shah wrote this on her facebook page. She didn't know it would be her last post. " ♥ Wishing all women healthy beautiful lives!"

Today, I stand to end violence in women's life in this life time! To all the sisters who have died in the hands of violence, we miss you and we love you, guide us as we take a stand to create another world. In honor of Karla's death I went to her home and her community and created an altar for Karla. May we end violence against women in this lifetime. May women generate the self love necessary to complete any disempowering conversations that keep us trapped!

Today, I say goodbye to Karla and say goodbye to the parts of ourselves that no longer serve us so we can stand for everything she wanted us to and that is that we can have it all right now!

I want to presence you to what an opportunity Karla's death is for all of us globally because when one of our sisters die it is an opportunity for justice to be born within....

Karla death is an opportunity. An opportunity to 1. take a moment to stop, to breathe, to walk on the beach 2. to look, to reflect ,to evaluate, to heal 3. to be intent ful with who we are being and what we are doing 4. to complete, to forgive, to love, to create, to cry, to be angry, to be sad, to feel, to open up the heart, 5. to tap into our intuition, to be self expressed, to walk with spirit 6. to mourn that which we haven't wanted to or haven't had the chance to 7. to celebrate life , your and others , to laugh 8. to take that trip you always wanted, to do the impossible 9. to dream anyway, to love anyway, to hug your loved ones 10. to create, re-create and create some more…cherishing every moment as an opportunity to be your most powerful self, leaving legacies in everyone you relate to, causing miracles

The Fall Equinox is about transitions, the winds of change will start off slow creating a clearing for you to make powerful choices to let go of that which no longer serves a purpose. Take the opportunity and ask for grace, ease, peace and compassion this season and every time we give something up its a small loss, leaving us both vulnerable and yet an opening for you to step into your most powerful self. As the season moves the winds of change and will give you a little push, take the opportunity cause if you let the opportunity go the winds of change will take your power away and do it for you, take away that which you are holding on to that no longer serves you. Just like we can trust our bodies to protect us at will so can we trust the universe to protect us as well.

Fall Medicine: The Fall season lies in the direction of the WEST, the place of the unknown, of going within, of prayers and meditation. The nearer one draws towards our goals the more difficult the journey becomes. It is hear that we draw strength and courage. In Africa this is the season of OYA the goddess of thunder and rain. Clearing and creating powerful thunder beings , bringers of Power. The power to heal, to see and to know. Her message is a lesson in us managing our power to in ways of being in harmony with the universe for our greater good.

Fall Healing: Meditation and reflection, praying for spiritual insight on why we, YOU have been created, what is your purpose. To learn to be alive in a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual way! If you find your self afraid of being in silence, of being alone, fear of death, of facing yourself, of loving yourself. It is time to enter the place of learning of being in balance. This week upon your rising and each night before you go to sleep , be generous, be contribution, be in communication with your spirit guides, your creator what ever that is and be in prayer, mediation and deep personal reflection it is here that you will hear and create tomorrow.

Love yourself today. Light a candle, take a bath with lavender, drink some hot tea, look around you, your home, your relationships, your finances, your relationships and fall in love with what is not working. Ask your spirit guides to support you in seeing the unseen ,open up to see what is missing go out and buy some flowers and let it go. Find your voice and share something you haven't with someone in your life. Most importantly reach out, be in communication and BREATHE. Dress up in your most powerful self and wear purples, whites and grays, buy clear quartz crystal or an amethyst wear it or carry it with you and ask for healing….open up and let love engulf you!

In Bold Rebirth DEE

Ending Gender-Based Violence 2012

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Oct 07, 2012
Oct 07, 2012

Dear Friend,

I feel sad for Karla, and many other women like her, who suffered at the hands of violence.May she rest in peace. May her soul give us the inspiration and power to be strong from within and allow us to live life to the fullest.

In solidarity,

Nusrat Ara
Oct 08, 2012
Oct 08, 2012

May she rest in peace .


Oct 08, 2012
Oct 08, 2012

May her sould rest in peace.

I hope as you mentioned that people will stop and reflect of their actions and take thoughtful measure.

Take care

In Friendship, Amei

Merlin James
Oct 08, 2012
Oct 08, 2012

May all the souls of the women who were the victims of violence rest in peace. Lets hope there is a new dawn of hope where there is no violence and only peace, peace and peace.


EK. Chemorion
Oct 08, 2012
Oct 08, 2012

My dear tainadelsol,

My hearfelft sympathies to family and friends of Karla.

thanks for sharing with us about our dear sister....As I read through, I had this on my mind;

In her (Karla)Quest to end Violence against women,

she suffered in the cruel and violent hands

in speaking against violence against women

violent hand silenced her!

in standing tall to address the plight of women,

they eliminated her with a narrow thought that this was over for women who search for safety of women folk.....

I STAND TO TELL THEM THAT THEY ARE wrong!!!! because our community lives on, and our sadness will propell us .further!

we will stand and speak for Karla, we will be strengthened and inspired by her to condemn in the strongest terms

possible any violence against women.Karla and her dreams will remain with us for ever

we will cherish her and keep doing the work she had started.

Fare well sister Karla, we re-member You in our community!

Again, thanks for sharing!!

in solidarity!

Oct 08, 2012
Oct 08, 2012

May her soul rest in peace. Amen.

Oct 08, 2012
Oct 08, 2012

Dear Dee,

I do not even know what to say except you are a gift to the universe and you have a wonderful soul.

Your words are so poetic, powerful and meaningful that I hope somehow even more people can read and understand your position. You have written an excellent piece laced with class and eloquence and deep with soul spirit.

Thank you so much. I am going to print this out to read each day and to give to many other people, both women and men.

Reading your article is a spiritual experience that makes us each fuller and better off for having known you through this article. It gives us a framework to re-examine our own lives and to make a decision about what we can actually DO right now to make our souls and others souls more full of joy.

Thank you.

Ubuntu ( I am who i am because of who we are together),


Jess Theobald
Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012

Dear Dee,

I am sorry for your loss, sorry that Karla had to suffer such a violent end to life. I too lost a friend this past week, only my friend, Brenda, lost her battle with cancer. Tomorrow is my 31st birthday and my girlfriend is taking me to the coast of Oregon (somewhere but won't tell me any details). I will walk the beach with her and I will remember your friend and mine and send thoughts of peace with the waves.

From one side of the country to another, I wish for you great healing and send energy your way in hopes that light can fall upon your autumn days.

Thank you for sharing, Jess

Noriah Ismail
Oct 19, 2012
Oct 19, 2012

Dear Lee,

We are sorry for the loss of your dear friend Karla. But we are proud of you to speak up

and remember your friend in the most poignant and meaningful way through World Pulse!

Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012

Dee thank you so much for the words of inspirations...definitely something I should remind myself everyday on what to do. Keep sharing your positive thoughts with everyone it will catch on :)



Linda M. Ando
Oct 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012

Dear Dee,

Thank you for honoring your dear friend, Karla by taking a powerful and loving stance for other women and reminding us to love ourselves. Karla would be very proud of you for stepping up to break the barriers and realizing your full leadership potential. As Ghandi wisely stated, "Be the change you wish to see in the world" and I believe you are moving in the same spirit and intent.

Please keep up the good work and encourage other women to join you. Karla is smiling from above and will continue to be a source of inspiration and strength.

With gratitude,

Linda Ando

Shelley Megquier
Oct 31, 2012
Oct 31, 2012

DEE, Karla sounds like an extraordinary individual. The heartbreaking reality is that the way she died is so 'common' in our society. The violence that pervades our world can be so oppressive, yet you see you friend's death as an opportunity for growth. I admire that so much. You are a brave woman. I feel confident that Karla would be proud to have her memory preserved in such a brave, positive, and beautiful way. Saying goodbye to the part of me that no longer serves me. Feeling renewed by your words. In solidarity, Shelley