Spiritual Justice: Leading with your Spirit!

Posted October 9, 2012 from United States

Fall Edition 2012 A Fall Healing Message Spiritual JUSTICE: LEADING with Your Spirit!

The separation of spirituality from our lives, our organizations and the movement leaves us spiritually homeless!

Dear Fall "Goddess of change of the autumn full moon, hear our call, we call for courage, strength, and power from below, within, and above as we stand in doubt at the crossroads of our life and our movements. Help us move forward without pain, and strife but with peace and ease. Support us in letting go of the past and of old dreams of what the world should look like. We lift our faces to the moon to see the unseen, to ask our ancestors for guidance in our struggle. We ask you for illumination, and safety on this journey. We know that it will only be when we see with our third eye humanity in everyone that we will be able to create tomorrow, surrender to love and forgive each other and ourselves". Fall Medicine-How do we lead with our Spirit? To be in alignment we must first be in balance with the medicine that each season brings us. There is no coincidence that Fall is about finding purpose and direction through our connection with our spirit, our divine self. It is here that we draw the strength and the courage to be justice.

The moon reflects to us our ability to see where we have been, where we are now and create where we are going. Fall invites us to shatter any illusions of how things should be, any attachment we have to things, people, and places that no longer serve us. Fall invites us to let go of the past and create dreams so we can see things in a new light, revealing what is hidden and the missing pieces of personal, social and organizational wholeness.

You might ask yourself: 1. How do you lead with your Spirit, when you feel like its lost? when you have experienced loss, physical or sexual abuse as a child, been assaulted, rejection or abandonment by family members and from you feeling that this world has let you down. 2. How do you lead your life with your Spirit ? when Fall has already come in with death in our communities and in our lives, when injustice continues to prevail, when our organizations still need resources and we are still unemployed? 3. How do you lead with your Spirit when your own movement has broken it? For in this very place you have experienced violence, oppression, betrayal, shame, criticism, judgement and isolation.

The change of season promises us and our organization a new day! A spiritual rebirth is promised by the Fall and this will require for us to stop, listen and reconnect with the spirit that drives our work. It is the place where intuition, power and inner wisdom lives so we can move with intention, clarity and power . This Fall I invite you to look within, to be in deep introspection and evaluation of your life, your organization and the movement that you belong to letting go of all that is not working.AUTUMN brings the gift of completion and transformation supporting us in releasing painful experiences and replacing them with faith. While it is the season of transition and death it is also the season of abundant opportunities where we get to be our most powerful self and lead social justice from a place of collective power.

So, how do we do this?

Thank those that came before us... It is the season of spiritual reverence where we are most connected to our ancestors, for their gifts and strengths live within us and their courageous legacy grounds our work today. Take a moment in your organization to set up an altar for those that past who have inspired our politic. Breathe quietly in giving thanks for their lives and mourn what has been forgotten about them and what you have forgotten about who you are in this work. In the next meeting ASK through mediation or visualization exercise"what are you, we ready to let go of and what is ready to be born at this time, in me and through me for this organization? What is the vision that I see possible? How can we bring spirituality, power and faith to our lives and our organization?

HEALING THE SPIRIT! Remember with everything going on we sometimes forget our purpose or why we started social justice in the first place.Look within this season ask your spirit for the answers. Ask to see the unseen, to create the impossible. Don't let this Fall throw you back into your past, get depressed, instead, take a stand and delve into what stops you from being the powerful person you are, to confront the pain that comes with death and transitions and the loss produced in our souls. Create a self care action plan that includes meditation, prayer, silence, peace, evaluation, introspection, forgiveness, completion and be at the source of power and justice in everything you do.

In Bold Rebirth DEE

Read In Bold Rebirth: Fall Edition 2012 Gender Justice and Public Health Journal. “The separation of spirituality from our live, our organizations and movements leaves us spiritually homeless” Click below for Fall Healing Medicine and Healthcare for the mind, body and spirit!

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Wendy Stebbins
Oct 09, 2012
Oct 09, 2012

Dear Tainadelsol,

I was just about to close down my computer and pack it up as I am leaving for Zambia Africa tonight. But I happened to check WP one more time and read your latest article. You are amazingly poetic, gifted, and spiritual. Profound in your soul greatness.

I read the article and am happy to be able to truly say I am my spirit. I do not have to ask myself those questions. I am. But there was a time when I wasn't, when I was mean bordering on evil. I had to learn through the hard knocks of life and I didn't have any need to be that way anymore. When I was stripped of everything, the universe made something abundantly clear to me: I am worthy.

At WP we are ALL on a forward positive path, some of us are in different places on the path and that is fine. At age 65 I am blessed to have done the work and to have been one of the lucky ones to find her soul and thus do my soul purpose.

Keep up the wonderful work, keep writing to us. We need you. And you are a blessing to all.

Ubuntu (I am who I am because of who we are together),


Kadidia Doumbia
Oct 25, 2012
Oct 25, 2012


In this poetic comment you really get us to reconnect with ourselves and understand where we are going and why.

"... take a stand and delve into what stops you from being the powerful person you are..." We need to know that we can do what we decide to do if we are clear about our goals.

How can one heal after being violated? The spirit, the body and the principles of respect don't exist any more. One has to have faith to overcome certain circumstances and believe deeply that there is always a positive issue to any problem.

I wish you not to lose your ability to present a difficult theme in such a poetic manner.

Kadidia Doumbia

Oct 30, 2012
Oct 30, 2012

Dear Tainadelsol,

Thank you for reminding me to reconnect with the Spirit. This element of existence is so often lost, ignored, put to the wayside in our everyday endeavors- such a precious piece of ourselves and our experience, without which our lives lose a true richness and our hope-source wavers.

Again, thank you so much. The purity of your message will stay with me, and everyone seeking to heal and excel.

Best, Nicole

Justin Cambra
Nov 03, 2012
Nov 03, 2012

Tainadelsol, Thank you so much for delivering your message and story through a poem. Reading your story has made me think about my own life and has made me think of changes I need to make. It is Fall and it is a time to reflect what needs to change and finding the essence of who we are. You seem like a person that is full of life and positively change the lives of people around you. We need more people like you to make a difference in the world.

Keep on making a difference with your words and actions!

Sincerely, Justin Cambra