Nominating Megsmueller for a World pulse Spirit Award

Tamarack Verrall
Posted January 4, 2022 from Canada

Megs joined us last May, jumped in with both feet and has been swimming with us ever since. She is not hard to find, as she pays very close attention to the stories coming in, and has shown herself to be a wise, deeply caring Encourager, lifting us up, showing us through shining a mirror on us what we are doing, and always with such a loving heart. Megs, you have become so much a part of this wonderful network through the love you send out.

I am happy to nominate you for a World Pulse Spirit Award.

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Jill Langhus
Jan 05
Jan 05

Hello, Mama,

Yes, on our lovely Megs:-) Thanks for seeing our dear Megs, and for your nomination! xx

Jan 12
Jan 12

Hello Mama Tam
You are so sweet, dear Tam. I really am very, very honoured and I thank you for your nomination. Also, what a lovely visual of white, crisp petals. I love it!
Thank you !

Much love to you...