Earth: Monthly Photography Challenge - Heirloom Seeds

Tamarack Verrall
Posted April 7, 2016 from Canada

These cherry tomatoes were grown on our organic farm in rural Minnesota. We grew 450 varieties of heirloom varieties of vegetables on 7 acres. Heirloom seeds are old varieties that have taste, nutrition and beauty. Usually we grew between 50-65 varieties of tomatoes each summer. Heirloom seeds have never seen a laboratory. They are carefully saved each year from their mother plant, stored and shared by seed-saving farmers. GMO companies are turning seed saving into an illegal act, ruining small farm economies, ruining good, safe food and developing seeds that will only mature with major and timed applications of herbicides that are dangerous to the Earth, to the insects and to us. Thankfully many people are ensuring that these old varieties continue to be made available. Buy heirloom varieties and build up your own seed bank. Grow your own delicious food or give your seeds to a friend who can grow them!

This is an invitation to take part in this Photography challenge through the Environment Group in…/commu…/groups/environment-group. Upload one photo each day for 7 days, with the title "Earth: Monthly Photography Challenge". It must be a photo that is original (taken with phone, camera). Write a few words about the photo: e.g. geographic location. Share your new post in the Environment Group to Facebook. Nominate a friend to visit the Group and share a photo too. Post 1 picture a day for 7 days and nominate a new person each day with the help of Facebook.

This is my fourth photo, and today I nominate my cousin Ann Verrall to join us in this photographic adventure, because of her dedication to good organic food, and her amazing ability with her camera.

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Sarah Murali
Apr 07, 2016
Apr 07, 2016

Wow, Tam, I love this photo!!! So beautiful. Thanks for sharing it, and for sharing about such an important part of nature that needs to be protected!