Nominating Nabila Abbas for World Pulse Spirit Award

Tamarack Verrall
Posted December 31, 2020 from Canada
Nabila Changing the Lives of Girls
Woman can Fly
Woman can Fly (1/2)

Nabila is in the village in the hills of Pakistan. She has been faced it from the time she was a young girl, Breaking a rules of what a young girl was supposed to look like and is supposed to be doing. She decided early to trust herself and to live her life achieving whatever dreams she wanted to go after, believing in the rate of girls to do whatever they want to with their lives.

In March 2019 Nabila sent this story into World Pulse, titled Born to Fly. Nabila is a poet and describes this as a young woman determined to reach heights with the work she wanted to do, and is now doing, to make sure that girls in villages in her country, have access to education. She had known from the time she was young that she wanted to fly, in every way.

This told me right away what a brave and determined woman Nabila is. But it was a photo that also grabbed my attention. You don't often see anywhere in the world a photo of a woman sitting in front of a flight synthesizer, and describing her studying for and achieving a degree in aviation. The title of her story is Born to Fly, and she means it in every sense. She was given an award in Aviation school. She published this as a celebration of what women can accomplish.

Her story includes her her passion for girls in her country having access to education.  So she started schools. Her photos show her surrounded by young hopeful faces, showing that beyond her own aspirations for herself, she has aspirations for every girl to have this basic right - to get an education. She has a list of awards that I'm sure inspire the girls who have the possibility of meeting her. She inspires me.

Nabila sums up her intention for her life so simply and profoundly. 

“I seek change for rural girls/women around the globe”

The is why I want to nominate Nabila for a World Pulse Spirit Award

More on Nabila:

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Jill Langhus
Jan 02
Jan 02

Hello Tam,

Thanks for your nomination for dear, driven Nabila. I'm sure she'll be thrilled:-) XX

Nabila is truly brave and selfless just like the rest of our World Pulse sisters. Thank you, Mama Tam!

Urmila Chanam
Jan 20
Jan 20

Dearest sister Tamarack,
Thank you for your nomination and for telling the World Pulse family about Nabila, her journey but most of all her humanitarian side, to ensure girls in Pakistan and in other parts of the world, can also overcome structural inequalities that impact girls right from the day of birth. I wish for every Nabila, there is a Tamarack who celebrates her spirit!
Much love and hugs,
Urmila Chanam,