Nominating Kirthi Jayakumar for World Pulse Spirit Award: An Activator Creating Impact

Tamarack Verrall
Posted December 31, 2020 from Canada

Some World Pulse sisters simply amaze and deeply inspire me at what they have accomplished, and what they are dreaming up next. Some simply light up the room when they are present. Kirthi does this. Kirthi is an Encourager, a Storyteller, an Ambassador, a Changemaker, a community mentor. She began in World Pulse in 2012 and her very first story was a call out to change this world to a world in which girls are free. She needed an organization to work through, so she created the Red Elephant Foundation. One of the first of her many actions that I was aware of, was her invitation to young people to write letters to each other across religious divides. The number of actions she has taken, awards for hard work given, new peacemaking events created, cross cultural discussions she has led, new ideas she has sparked, speeches she has made, interconnections she has forged are all too numerous to list. I have seen video of her speaking to young people, been present in meetings in which she cuts through any confusion with brilliant suggestions, and…has created Sahaas, a global helpline for women needing to escape violence.

All this, but my nomination for Kirthi because of her dedication and extraordinary ability to bring people together comes from what I have experienced in where our discussions go, and my gratitude for our friendship, and for the love that I see her carry into every relationship  she builds within World Pulse and within her vey widespread community.

Eight years of action here within World Pulse. A woman born to make change happen. A much cherished sister.

I want to nominate Kirthi for her ability as an Activator. Th impact she has is astounding. 

For more on Kirthi:

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Jill Langhus
Jan 02
Jan 02

Oh, I agree with you on Dear Kirthi. She's definitely amazing. Thanks so much for your nomination, dear! XX

Kirthi Jayakumar
Jan 02
Jan 02

Dearest Tam,
To say thank you is to say very, very little. I tried looking for words to express my gratitude and love for you, but came up
with precious little in all the languages I know. I am so immensely grateful to you for so much, Tam - I constantly learn and grow and follow in the path you lay out through your gentle and unconditional guidance. Seeing this nomination from YOU is a tremendously powerful validation - I promise I will work hard to be deserving of your goodness <3

Kirthi has done so much for women even outside World Pulse. Thank you for nominating her, Mama Tam!

Urmila Chanam
Jan 25
Jan 25

Dearest sister Tamarack,
Since Kithi is known to me and I have been able to witness much of what you have described and the reasons why you chose Kirthi for the nomination, I am in total agreement with you. Wish you and Kirthi the very best in the awards selection, in your understanding of each other and the collective vision World Pulse sisters host of connecting women across the world.
With loads of love,
Urmila Chanam