Nominating Nini Mappo for her Storytelling and her Champion Encouraging

Tamarack Verrall
Posted December 31, 2020 from Canada

Last summer we got a new member who burst on the scene with stories that were like masterpiece paintings though she describes herself as “I’m just a girl, with a pen”. A gifted pen with a brilliant mind undoing, uncovering, exposing all that needs changing, interwoven with messages that come from a heart so full of pure love.

Immediately she took to responding as an Encourager, and we all got to read the conversations that she inspired as she tuned in to what was written, and became a sister dependable in taking the conversations further, and knowing that our writing had been heard, loved and supported. What a joy that she has found World Pulse. What a joy to be in conversation with Nini Mappo.

For more on Nini:

I am nominating Nini for her Storytelling and for being a Champion Encourager.

This story was submitted in response to World Pulse Spirit Awards.

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Jan 01
Jan 01

Mama Tam, I so like how you introduce Nini and I agree. She is a masterpiece of a painting. She has a brilliant mind and heart. I so love when she encourage, it goes to the bones. Thank you for nominating her.

Nini Mappo
Jan 03
Jan 03

Hello Sis Tam,
It is such an honor to have you nominate me, and read your beautiful, affirming word of my short World Pulse journey. It is an honor to be honored by you who has a wealth of knowledge and experience having championed the issues affecting women long before World Pulse was born.
Thank you, muchly. Your nomination, your seeing value in my contribution as one whose walked before me and now walking alongside me, means a great deal to me. You are a teacher, so I hope you understand what I am trying to express but can't find the words.
Greetings of hope as we step into this new year sis Tam. I appreciate you!

Yes, we are grateful for Nini's presence on World Pulse. She has helped a lot of sisters through her stories, encouragement, and support. Thank you, Mama Tam!

Feb 11
Feb 11

How wonderful to have Nini in the World Pulse community and thank you for nominating her. A girl with a pen, indeed an incredibly powerful pen. She inspires all of us!