Sherna for the World Pulse Spirit Award

Tamarack Verrall
Posted January 2, 2021 from Canada

When a woman has a voice and a message like Sherna Alexander you stop and listen, because she is a true orator, and because her determination to see all violence against women and girls end, is what empowers her speeches. We had the chance to work together when for a time World Pulse had specific Groups set up being watched over by coordinators, and Sherna and I were put together to watch over the stories coming in on Gender Based Violence. We Skyped with each other. Soon after, another World Pulse sister Shirley Kimmayong was in Canada taking in some activist training at a University here. Shirley arranged a room for us to speak about World Pulse while I was in the area. Sherna was there! She took the floor, and gave out one of her brilliant speeches - about World Pulse. She is busy transforming her country, opening the road for other women to trust themselves and speak out, and inspiring all of us who have the chance to listen to her or read her words. I am nominating Sherna for the World Pulse Spirit Award. When she speaks, the world shifts in the right direction.

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Marie Abanga
Jan 03
Jan 03

Congratulations on your nomination dear Sherna

Indeed Tam I remember always taking in all Sherna's trainings during our weekly Thriving Thurdays for WP Ambassadors with rapt attention.
Let the WP spirit keep flowing

I agree! Thank you for nominating Sherna, Mama Tam!