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About Me

I am a single mother of 4 young men. I was married for 12 years where both my sons and I suffered physical, mental and emotional abuse at the hand of my husband and their father. Eventually 18yrs ago he abandoned me to take care of the children alone. My boys are all out of college now but a lot of damage has been done to us all emotionally and mentally. It has been difficult but God saw us through. I live in a country where it is expected that a woman should endure marriage but I am happy to say this notion is changing now because they have been too many murders and physical damage in marriages to the women. It has been hard but I thank God that I am alive today and my children are all alive. He could have killed us all. We are divorced now. The children are all grown and I am ready to start my life afresh and support other women by empowering them to provide for them and children in a ‘safe house’ while we try to mediate in either restoring peace in their homes or getting them help

My Vision

Help women going through what I suffered by providing a ‘safe home’ temporarily for them to think through their situation & get legal help


1. Finance to start, rent the home, staffing and feeding the victims
2. Legal help
3. Police protection
4. Health issues
5. Educatio


My personal pain and experience is all I have. My passion is to support any woman or child who is suffering what I went through.


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