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Posted July 12, 2021 from United States


I am a survivor from domestic violence of the past 6 years. I was able to flee and ready to start new life. I am a very hard worker and am eager to start my new life. I am in desperate need of a car so I can work and provide for my little girl. Within the past six years my abuser had went to the extremes with me for his personal sexual issues he had with dealing with the fact he is actually gay. Anyways he went as far as knocking my teeth out cutting my with swords, a machete, beating me with various objects when I finally found the courage to leave I used to be petirfired into thinking he would come for me that I wouldn't even make it to the end of the street. And sometimes I wouldn't even make as gas as the street. It was like there was no escape. Until one night God had actually spoke to me and said that, this is your opportunity if you don't leave now he will kill you. Then I seen a flash of my life everything me herd my, my past, and the future with me gone and at that moment I knee I was gonna run and not look back. And now that's where I'm at I need to get a car so I can provide a stable life as a single mother for me and my daughter. Any help and donations are welcomed and we thank you and God Bless! If you are will to contribute the link is posted. Thank you again


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Jul 13, 2021
Jul 13, 2021

Hello dear and welcome to World Pulse. Thank you for feeling comfortable to share your story with us. Life is not always fair, I know, and it can't be easy for you right now. I am deeply sorry for your trouble in your life. At World Pulse we encourage our sisters to speak up and you have taken that first step. It will indeed bring much healing knowing that you have sisters who are always ready to hear your voice. I do hope and pray that the desires of your heart will be fulfilled. Take courage and do not lose hope. God bless!

Beth Lacey
Jul 14, 2021
Jul 14, 2021

Welcome to World Pulse. It took a lot of courage to leave that abusive situation. I am hoping that local resources can also help you to greater stability.