Time to take back your power!

Tehilah Williams
Posted October 19, 2019 from United Kingdom

There is so much fear that is forced unto us through, social media, movies, music, people, news, satan and the list goes on. We unfortunately, live in a society where we allow this spirit of fear to dictate what            God(Yahuah), has for us which then stops us from reaching the very best that we as women and even men are born to be. We are born leaders, born to be the best we can be, but why do we constantly allow ourselves to fall short when there is so much more to us than what people see on the outside? 

I used to be a victim of fear, and the root came from traumatic experiences, life experience, being around insecure people who tried to make me feel as they did,  where the devil tried to take me out, and stop me from even having a relationship with God, our comforter let alone people in general. I did not grow up as Yah, intended me to but grew up shy, timid, afraid feeling like I could not express myself, even though I am a expressive person naturally. I allowed so many people to come and tell me that I was not good enough, or I did not have what it took to fulfil my dreams and goals basically no support . I allowed many people in my past life to rob me of my blessings, which often times left me feeling empty. When I found the messiah then Yahuah our heavenly father, there was a freedom that I never felt before, a knowing that I could do all things because my father told me I could. It was then that I was delivered from the spirit of all fear and realised that the enemy only comes to block you because he knows the power that is inside of you and it is then that I knew that I had to take my power back and not allow fear to take over me but for me to overcome it, with the authority that was given to me through my heavenly father. 

You see, there are so many brothers and sisters, who battle with this spirit of fear, and it is not of The most high. We fail to overstand  that when we allow fear to overcome us we limit, stop, block ourselves from our destinies of who we are created to be. 

To this day fear tries to creep up on me, which is expected as the father is moving in my life, but the difference between now and then is I trust my father more that the fear itself and through prayer, fasting and study it no longer has control over me. I pray that many of us who deals with fear will go back and finish what you started. There is so much in us that we are not aware about and when we break free like a dove, only then will we truly experience true freedom. 

Fear is no longer a option and we shall all keep fighting until we fulfill what is required of us.

Today I speak to women, men, children, even babies as I speak to my children daily about not allowing negativity to overtake. The message is fear has no power over you, fear will try to kill you but will not prevail, fear may try to intimidate you but you have the promised protection of The most high if you place your trust in him, and finally FEAR, can not defeat you any longer if you face all your fears and speak life over yourself telling fear to be gone because you believe in yourself even if others do not. 

Each individual is ordained to be someone great and if nobody has told you yet well I say

" I believe in you" 


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Oct 20
Oct 20

fear is what hold us back form our achievement i well never so come to fear

Tamarack Verrall
Oct 19
Oct 19

Hello Tehilah,

What a great achievement to look closely at fear and find the way through it to your strong self. What an encouraging message of overcoming fear and especially your reminder that we are all meant to be great with our precious lives. Thank you for believing in each of us.

Anita Shrestha
Oct 20
Oct 20

Thank you for sharing dear

Oct 20
Oct 20

Dear Tehilah,
Thanks for sharing this your amazing break through. It's really a moving story and I am glad you have finally overcome your fear.
I pray you rise above your power and achieve all that you have set before you. It shall be well my dear.
Hope you are doing very well? My kind regards and do have a great weekend.

Jill Langhus
Oct 21
Oct 21

Hi Dear Tehilah,

How are you doing? Thanks for sharing your inspiring story on how you overcame fear. It's a powerful thing to take our power back. I'm glad you found your way back, and that you're empowering others to do the same:-)

Hope you're doing well, and having a great week!


Oct 23
Oct 23

So powerful, thank you for sharing and I know whoever is reading this will surely be motivated to stand up tall and embrace positiveness to attract positive energy

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi

Hello Tehilah,
Thank you so much for sharing this post about fear. Looking forward to many more of your posts.
Have a blessed day.