Temple Bright
Posted October 28, 2021 from Nigeria

Let Peace Reign, Let Peace Reign, The Mountain Is Collapsed Into Shallow Love To Dishonored Men. They Came To Her With Sugary Jingles. Oh My Nation, The Giant Of Africa,  Let Peace Reign.

Their Attractive Vocalizations Lured Her, And She Easily Caught Into Their Curse. Oh Grate Mountain Giant Of Africa. Let Peace Reign.

The  Giant Of Africa Was Magnificence And Young, For She Was Naive And Kind, But She Did Not See The Calamity Approaching.  Let Peace Reign.

The Secret Teeth Behind Their Handsome Face, She Could Not Experiment Their Inside And Out. She Would Have Experimented Inside And Out, She Would Have Seen Who They Were. Let Peace Reign.

Oh The Giant Of African Could Not Understand, Due To Sugary Jingles. Love Was Not A Reality In Their Eyes, But An Evil Calamity Caste Onto Her. Let Peace Reign.

She Would Have Known That They Were Devils, Thrown From The Bottom Of Hell, To Enjoy Her Nakedness. Let Peace Reign.

She Did Not Understand Their Habit, That They Bore From Their Source,  She Did Not Lean Their Habit. Let Peace Reign.

And She Did Not Understand Their Wicked Exploit, Before They Are Gone Away. And If Ever Her Pain Is Relieved. Let Peace Reign.

Today, The Giant Of Africa Cries, Because Her Virginity Is No More. She Is Bled All Over Her Gown. Let Peace Reign.

They Stabbed Her At The Back, Appeared In Front And Asked Her,  Why Are You Bleeding? But She Replied With A Silence.  Let Peace Reign.

They Pulled The Trigger Of Dead Words Against Her Chest, They Busted The Bladder Of Dead And Bitter Memories,  It Spilled On The Marbled Room Of Her Heart. Let Peace Reign.

They Pushed Her Against The Wall Of Her Reigns,  Expecting Her To Bounce Back Like A Bouncing Ball,  But She Fall Flattened With Silent. Let Peace Reign.

They Said The Ugly Words At Her Absent,  But She Reciprocate With Smiles In Her Present.  Again, They Strike With Bitter Words. Let Peace Reign.

Her Heart Bleeds, She Replied With A Plastic Smile.  Even When They Hurt And  Shatter Her Heart,  She Is Strong Enough To Pick Up The Fragments. Let Peace Reign.

They Try To Hate Her With Departed Love,  She Smile Not Because She Is Happy. But Because They Don't Understand Her Pains.  Let Peace Reign.

There Will Be A Scary Recall To Her. She Accepted Them All, She Embraced Them With An Open Mind, And In Return They Chew Her Mind. Let Peace Reign.

They Took Her From The Garden To The Cave, Sucked Her Beauty And Left For None. I Am Afraid If She Will Ever Be Free? Let Peace Reign.

Because When I Look At Her. I See Her Lost Hope Almost Dead. I Wonder If She Will Ever Have A Gentle Man. Let Peace Reign.

She Came Out, In Rouge And Ribbons Dressed, The Scourge Of Woe, Borne On The Winged Hours, Oh Giant Of Africa. Let Peace Reign As She Ran And Realize Someone Is Following Her.  She Speed Up Her Heart Beat Faster. Suddenly Everything Goes Quiet. Let Peace Reign

She Begin To Wonder If She Will Make It Out Alive. Suddenly She See The Killer Before Her. There Is Calamity Before Her Let Peace Reign

She Drown In The Blood Of The Poor The Mountain Is Falling Under The Pretenses Of A Cure. Let Peace Reign

The Offspring Of The Nation Are Starving In A Corner With Their Mother Dressed In Black, Playing The Role Of A Mourner My Country Is Dying, And Yet No One Cares. Let Peace Reign.

The Mountain Is Dying Because Of Its People She Turned The Boldness When They Witness Iniquity The Boldness Resulted In Death. Let Peace Reign

The Man Knows No Rules, No Law To Abide And His Wish Remains To Conquer And Divide His Dummies, They Dance To The Rhythm Of The Gun. Let Peace Reign.

For They Do Not Care Who They Shoot, A Daughter Or A Son It Is Not In Their Interest To Care For The People Not The Old, Nor The Young, The Fit Or The Cripple. Let Peace Reign.

She Is Not A Foreigner Who Lays Lifeless On Your Feet It Is Her Brother, A Comrade, A Statistic On Repeat The Mountain Is Falling And It's Begging For Help. Let Peace Reign.

From The Children, The Natives, To Look Out For Themselves The Mountain Is Falling And It's Only A Matter Of Time Before Our Lives Will Worth Nothing, Not Even A Dime. Let Peace Reign.

She Goes  Through The Ancient Times And Examinations Expose A Nation Bound For Depravity And Loses Its Political Walls Oh Great Mountain Giant Of Africa. Let Peace Reign.

Disintegration Of Morals And  Tongue Erosion Departing From The Spiritual And Absence Of Direction Engrossed In Much Hatred And Breeding Violence Not Of Peace Instead But Discouraged Citizens. Let Peace Reign.

Focusing On Wars And Investing In Costly Weapons Decline Is Not Very Far And Power Blinds A Nation. History Has An Ugly Way And For Itself To Be Repeating Let Peace Reign.

Press Reported And You Heard Them Say Depression, Addiction And Violence On The Rise Abortion, Mutilation, Disease, Orphans And Death Let Peace Reign.

Identity Fortification And The Ill-Fitting Guise  Death To Those Not Yet Taken A Breath Oh The Giant Of Africa Is Falling Let Peace Reign.

She Looked For The Cure Of Souls And No Voice She Endure And Die Year After Year Oh The Mountain Is Falling  Let Peace Reign.

Where Were We And The Chosen Nation Watch And See The Signs Of The Era For The Mountain Is Falling Let Peace Reign.

She Entered Buildings With Or Without Tower Just Who Has Committed The Worst Of The Crimes? And  Government Tries As Best It Can Let Peace Reign.

As We Sit Together On Sunday And Morn She Trunk The Tide Of Degenerate Man And Cry For A Time Such As This And We Were Re-Born Let Peace Reign.

The Season Of Grace Is Ending And She Fear As Cataclysmic Events  And Tear Up Our Nation Her Blameless Annoyance And The Eyes Of The Seer Let Peace Reign.

Let Peace Reign.




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Oct 30
Oct 30

May we find and apply the kind of peace that passes all understanding.

Nov 18
Nov 18

Yes. You voice the vulnerability our girls go through in the hands of those she trusts and yet these very one have hurt her, leaving her in silence. She can ot speak because these are the very ones expected to protect her. This is how the world looks on as she is bleeding in pain, despire and regret. So the question we should be asking is; what should we do to avert this hopeless situation.

Temple Bright
Nov 19
Nov 19

You are right Ikirimat.
To answer your question, we should unit as partners and raise our voices to put a stop and put a stop on these bleedings, pain and regrets through advocacy, empowerment, human rights awareness, etc starting from our local communities.