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Amazon Treasure Vase Ceremony this Thursday

Posted February 5, 2020
Expired on February 6, 2020
Ancient Earth Practices and Loving Gaia - Initiation, Sacred Activism and Ceremony for the Amazon with Cynthia Jurs and Clare Dubois
There are ancient practices that are needed now to nourish and support Gaia. Many of us are also needed now - as conduits for those practices. It's time to remember and time to grow. Relationship with conscious nature has never been more important. This call is a sharing, a teaching, a transmission, an initiation and an opening for anyone wishing to learn and act on behalf of Gaia. It will also offer the opening ceremony for the Earth Treasure Vase that will travel to the Amazon.

This coming Thursday, you have a chance to make your own personal offering in ceremony for a treasure vase that is going into the Amazon rainforest. For anyone that feels the power of vibrational offerings, prayer and ceremony - that also wants to bless the Amazon and feel that crucial forest in health, then this is a moment to grab.

If you missed the introductory call, meeting Cynthia Jurs and understanding what this practice is and why it is crucial now, it's all on along with the details for Thursdays call (11am PST, 7pm UK on zoom)

- We will receive a teaching about the nature of giving offerings. - We will step into ceremony, including holding the names of all the other locations that have treasure vases buried, so that we are part of that larger mandala of offerings to support Gaia's health. - Then we will each be invited to write or speak our offerings into the vase, before it is sealed.

Utilize This Offer

Cynthia will offer a teaching and transmit a practice that will connect us all to a global mandala of diverse locations around the whole Earth where offerings have been made to bring healing, protection and renewal to the web of life, embracing the planet with our love.

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Jill Langhus
Feb 07, 2020
Feb 07, 2020

Thanks for sharing this event, Terra.

Hope you have a great weekend.