Why me???

Terusasira Resty
Posted September 5, 2021 from Uganda

Am Terusasira Resty an amputee through knee left leg from Uganda and a single mum of three.l can't tell how it's feels like to have two legs because I've never experienced  them I was only 8months when a heavy speady lorry crushed into our home leaving 3of sisters dead and being the only survival and the youngerest and this brought so many questions seeing other kids with two legs and me using a crutch and I could ask why me I couldn't do everything my friends did but still my dad never loved me,he could ask my mum to get me a father because I his family there was no one like me.l was to walk 3km to school at times being carried on the backs of my sister and neighbors in turns until one day catholic nun saw and requested me to take her to make home and that did each and everything for me educated me got me a prosthetic at the age of 9yrs, reaching my  secondary education she was given a transfer but still she could send my fees.

At the University I did education after which I went again I did special Needs Education and started working in one of the school by the head teacher said she could manage me in her school because the girls fears me from there I failed to get a school again the question came again why me Lord.l got a soulmate and we had our first born and I told him to go to his home reaching their my mother_in_law  never loved me alot she asked her son why amongst all women in toy he could pick a disabled,unclean, undesirable, crippled and my name disgusting names I tell I didn't sleep that night I left and question came back again Why me,he came back as we women are sweet talked we got back again we moved on until when I was there months pregnant of our last born wen his mom told him to leave me and even she came with another woman for him and there they went he never turned back I was operated the third born he heard but never had come to the hospital even sent a coin even up to now I do struggle alone with my kids and I don't know where he is.

I started making crafts and going around teaching the disadvantaged ones making crafts, mats and others and I started a small shop selling crafts and right now my dream I want to start an events shop or company though I don't have capital and my children are in a dangerous stage they need education which is very expensive  and also have aheart of helping others I hate seeing others suffering at times I can have like ten people home.

I've learnt alot through my journey and am still struggling but fellow women don't throw your kids on dustbin remember God I'd there and opens the door for you if don't you don't give up.l always tell my kids God will make away let's keep praying and working hard we go to the garden together,we make crafts together.

So fellow ladies we need your prayers and help

And my song is One day at a time.Lets put hands together to fight discrimination amongst women because I've learnt one thing that we women who make our fellow cry and suffering because this woman they had brought to marry my man she had refused may be the man would have turned back.

Anyway I stopped crying for poured milk but look at future and be a lesson for other women now my worry is to have  a good business which can look after my kids and buy myself a prosthetic.

Am really very greatful to have shared my story to you ladies although not the best forgive me where I have gone wrong.

Be blessed always

I remain yours sincerely

Terusasira Resty

This story was submitted in response to Revolutionary Solidarity.

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Sep 05
Sep 05

Welcome to World Pulse Terusasira. Your story is your power!

Thank you for sharing your story. It must been difficult for you during your childhood. But you keep strong despite of your situation. May your story bring inspiration to each women who loss their hopes and dreams.

Regina Afanwi Young
Sep 06
Sep 06

Dear sister,
A big welcome to World Pulse,
Thank you for sharing your story. Am sorry about all the stigma and pain you have been through in view of your disability. I want you to know that it's non of your fault dear sister.
I admire your strength and resilience. I know many women will be inspired by it too.
No need to apologize dear sis. So proud of your courage to speak up. Hope to read again from you to know how you are getting on.
Massive hugs to you

Terusasira Resty
Sep 06
Sep 06

Am really very greatful to join this family of sisters who have hearts for others an Soo happy and am also ready to follow in footsteps so that I carry on the name and vision of this family by reaching out to others.
Thanks once again sisters
Be blessed always
Yrs Resty

Beth Lacey
Sep 07
Sep 07

Welcome to World Pulse. Your story is very difficult, but your faith in God and your inner strength are carrying you through. I wish you peace

Susu Mohamed
Sep 07
Sep 07

Dear terusasira,
wellcome to the world pulse ,

thank you for sharing your story its so sad to hear like this pain you are strong and will be strong i pray to pass this difficult situation .
much love.