Behind the scene of disabled mother

Terusasira Resty
Posted November 24, 2021 from Uganda

Being a disabled in an extended family and in a developing country is really tag of war.

Growing up was not easy for me and I thought when I grow up things will change because I thought l would be able to talk for myself but all in vain,l qualified as a primary teacher but both the pupils, parents and some of fellow teachers called me names like dance hall,soft ground,cursed creature,kagulu mpali,etc I had to leave the teaching and I started making crafts and opened up a shop where I meant a man as nature demands I thought this man will help me move on since was a cdo (community development official) but my thoughts didn't work out but his family especially the mother never loved me at all and he had to leave me with three children and I've gone through alot and I've struggled toes and nails I've to buy my assistive devices for myself and then looking after my three children and where  I stay my community has been so negative about disability they have called me all sorts of names but I've trying to show them that disability is not crime and it's not a call on advert and each one us has a disability but the degree matters and my disability is seen but in some people it's not seen like understanding and  having common sense and so I've been challenging them so I've managed to change their way of perception on disability and I've been looking for disabled girls in the near by villages teaching them life skills and many villagers now call me doctor or madam teacher and those boda men when they see a disabled child they ride me on their motorcycles and I go for a visit and do counselling and guidance although I don't have any help.

So on this note please I beg for help to register this group and help me this struggle because I mostly being  care the girls because they are abused so much raped and I've them with kids without fathers please I don't have funds and I really feel it as obligation to help my sisters and be their voice.

With my struggle I think I've changed my community and I think we can change the world we live in through our struggle,self esteem and always we should believe in ourselves and whatever situation we go through we should know that we are also children of God  we not cursed but we all serve him differently.

Please anyone who can help these girls am looking for scholarships for their children because now I hey have reached the age of going to school, and my children and also for clothes, beddings, utensils and other things we use in daily life.

I'll be very greatful with a positive response .

God bless you

Yourself sincerely

Terusasira Resty


This story was submitted in response to Disability Justice.

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Rahmana Karuna
Nov 25
Nov 25

Good Morning Resty,
thank you for sharing what you are doing in your community. you are so very caring and generous.
it is good to see you back on world pulse.
kiva is a website that is for micro loans and may be a possible resource for you.
i just reviewed community guidelines and will copy/paste here for you

"World Pulse is a destination for community leaders from around the world. While many members are actively seeking funding for their work, it is not a space to request funds for personal use. Links to outside fundraising pages or campaigns can be shared in posts or as a “need” in the Resource Exchange."

Nov 26
Nov 26

We all make mistakes. The able-bodied people, and the disable-bodied people. I too have disabilities. Yet, I was raised by a mother who never saw an impairment of the body (or the mind) as making anyone less worthy of living, working, learning, all of it. I had a friend once explain to me the difference between those who are "gifted" (such as the genius persons) and those who are called "slow" of mind. She said, "Gifted people understand the first or second time something new is explained to them." "And the 'slow' person has to be told many times." "Both can learn, it's just how many times a student has to be told or given the lesson before they know it." That was 40 years ago. Since then, I have taught many people, in many places, even in other countries. Every person I have ever met is gifted at something. They know some thing better than most people do. And every person I have ever met is disabled at something, even the genius. Too many geniuses have a problem of no humility or very little sense of humor. Some people can not take the smallest joke about themselves. And there are disabled people who have a true gift of kindness, and every day joy, when most around them have none. You have accomplished great things, to have endured against such great odds. Congratulations, and (my) God bless you and yours.