To the world pulse

Posted October 5, 2021 from Nigeria

Hello world pulse! I'm Tesleemah by name.

I'm currently working on a write-up titled Bad Journalism: it effects and how it has caused insecurity to the masses. 

I will be glad to hear your views.

Thanks, family.


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Oct 06
Oct 06

Hi Tesleemah
I would always say write honestly and from the heart. I've seen/experienced bad journalism. It has the ability to rip one from one's livelihood and from society. I would like to see fairness and factual content. Most journalism that I have been exposed to was normally tailored to suit the writer or to please society. I don't know entirely how it works, but this is my experience.

All the best with your writing.

Oct 06
Oct 06

Thanks, sis.

Much love