Daily Trip To The Ancient Heritage

Posted October 23, 2021 from Nigeria
Ancient road. Road of acquiring a witty knowledge
Ancient road. Road of acquiring a witty knowledge (1/1)

Allow your children to contribute in some intellectual discuss at home. Let them share their own thoughts too. It doesn't matter if their contributions are not making good sense now. They need to start somewhere and that is in their house. Let them be free to express their opinions with regards to the issues under deliberation. With that, you are preparing them for a future where voicing out their abilities, pains and wants won't be a problem. Parents, many voices have been killed.

'Keep quiet' has sent many people to the extinct life of silence. They were denied the opportunity to print out their soft feelings. The ink dried and they never got the courage to damp it again. So they died. Never underestimate the influence of these little children's ideas. Even though they may be naively produced and inaccurately articulated, if you patiently listen, there are tons of wisdom embedded. Initiate a conversation at home, share the current news, ask random questions then request for their views. You will be surprised.


 Muhyideen Kolawole

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Oct 23
Oct 23

Thank you Tesleemah for your inspiring story. I totally agree with you. There is a lot of wisdom in children.

Oct 24
Oct 24

Hi Tesleeman
I embrace this! I appreciate it so much. Thank you for highlighting this important task within the household, to involve our little humans...

Beth Lacey
Oct 26
Oct 26

Such wise advice. We can learn so much from our children

Grace Iliya
Nov 01
Nov 01

You are right Tesleemah. Even adults can learn from children. Thank you for sharing