The trio

Posted October 23, 2021 from Nigeria
A Fiction story of a three friends.
A Fiction story of a three friends. (1/1)

[In a well furnished sitting room painted in cream and chocolate, comprises of four sofa, plasma television and portable refrigerator beside the dinning table which occupied the back space in the sitting room appears Zara, a fair gorgeous lady with a cinderella figures lingering for her friends to join her at the dinning table before setting out for the day.]

Zarah: (in her orotund voice): Wow! Farida, you look beautiful with the black abaya with peach colour veil. Farida: Are you serious? (Says it in an excited silvery tone). Zarah: Of course. Your physique and fair skin makes the attire fitted and more beautiful.  Farida: Thanks my dear friend, really appreciate your compliment and you are not looking bad too. So, where is Faoziyah? Zarah: Who knows if she is still sluggishly dressing up  in her room. Faoziyah: (enters the scene, talking in a tiny smoky voice) Who cares? Anyways, babes, you are indebted to the eyes, hope I have not delay you? Zarah and Faridah (in unison): Not at all fat girl, (smile). Faridah: Faoziyah, you are not bad either. Zarah is done with the cooking, let's eat dear. Faoziyah: Oh, thanks Faridah and many thanks to our chef for today (Smile). Zarah: Someone should pray for us before eating oo. Faoziyah: As we are about to eat, we seek for God's protection and blessings over this meal. Faridah and Zarah: (In chorus) Ameen.      [Five minutes later] Zarah: Shall we set to the shopping complex now? Faridah and Faoziyah: Of course... Faoziyah:  We are done with the breakfast. [As the friends set out, Light fades]

[Light on an hour after, the three friends re-enter the stage chuckling and gisting one another. In a room painted with pink, pictures of Qur'anic verces hang on the wall, the bed, the trolley is seen with different cosmetic materials, she hangs her cloth inside a colorful wardrobe as she speaks with excitement]  

Faoziyah: I saw an advertisement on Facebook for a model work and awards worth of 20 million naira. Zarah: (In Amazement) Interesting! Girls, don't you think I'm fit for it? Faoziyah: (In discontent tone) I'm much more fit. Faridah (Aggressively): I'm very much interested as well. (Looking at one another)     [Within some minutes, malice rents the room, the ladies shout on one another, the light fades]

Act 2

Zarah: (Soliloquizing as she is talking in a grievance tone) what rubbish, who did I place my slippers on her head? Faoziyah: (Grating tone)Why barking like a dog? Cause of a miserable slippers? Take and  eat it for breakfast. (says with a grating tone as she flings the slippers to Zarah) Zarah: Are you referring those disgusting and foul words to me? Henceforth, stay away from my belongings. [Faoziyah hisses and walks straight to the kitchen] Faoziyah: Who carried the food I prepared this morning? You girls have started ooo. I used all my strength to prepare the food but one stupid, foolish and bastard person carried it. (Winks simultaneously, hisses and graps her hip with her left hand swaying) Faridah: Who are you using derogatory language on? Is it because of food that didn't even reach my circumference? Alright, I'm the one who ate it so what will you do now? Faoziyah: Mtcheeeew, listen and listen well, my food is meant for me. Look, when ever I cook and you cary it again, hmmmm.... Let me rest my case. Faridah: Better. (murmurs as she walks down to her room) [At midnight, Zarah, groaning and grunting in brittle and complaining tone, she waves hand for help, it is a stomach ache. She shouted for help painfully but nobody answered her. She thought bitterly the negative effect of their misunderstanding as she lies her belly on her bed.]  (Light off)

Act 3 [Cock crows for a new morning. Zarah is seen at the backyard sweeping, headpiece is hung in her both ears as she stops to dance to the music she listens to, Fauziyah appears. The moment she notices the emagence of Faoziyah holding a bucket of water from the room, she starts talking] Zarah: Some are stupid, crazy and selfish. Enemies of progress....mtcheeew. Faoziyah: Zarah you are mean! How dare you? You are such a disgrace to the womenfolk. (Hisses and goes to the sitting room)

[Few hours later, three of them coincidently meet in the sitting room and stared at one another, while indexing their cell phones] Faridah: (Breathes heavily) hmmmm, God please shower me your blessing. Zarah: (In modulated tone, after she could not nurture her though any longer) Please girls listen to me, hmmm... we can't continue behaving immature, I mean we are matured enough to restore peace amidst us. 20 thousand naira and nonsense award isn't worth disrespecting, holding grudges, keeping malice and also embarrassing one another. We are triangular friends (tears fall down her chicks) but we have allowed devil to control and direct our minds. [Faridah and faoziyah attentively listen to Zarah's words, feeling the pain and decoding her message, they both join her on crying] Faoziyah: I concur with Zarah. I've been wanting us to settle the misunderstanding among us but I don't know the way to call you girls, that's why I've been keeping quite since all these days.  Zarah: I remember the day stomach pain gripped me in the midnight, I wailed and cried for help but nobody shows to render help till I slept off. (She cries again). Faridah: please let allow one person to do the model, after all, it will be of benefit to us if one of us win and receive the money and awards. Faoziyah:I urged you girls to let us live in unity, peace, harmony and continue our friendship.   [The three friends  huge in unison as their laughter sounds moderated] Faridah: I chose Zarah to be our model. (Smile heartedly) Faoziyah: I agreed with you Faridah. Truthfully, she is blessed with the figures. Zarah:( laughing loundly) thanks my best friends. I pray our friendship last till eternity.

 [Light fades] The End.

This story was submitted in response to Healing through Art.

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Jill Langhus
Oct 25
Oct 25

Hi Tesleemah,

What a lovely short play. I love the message and the development of characters. Would you like to write movie scripts, or plays, or do you do it already? Thanks for sharing, dear.

Oct 25
Oct 25

I just love writing, anything that comes my way, so far it has an impact on others' lives.

Thanks so much for Reading it, sis.