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Posted October 24, 2021 from Nigeria

Put enmity aside, whenever any of your relatives, friends or colleagues is blessed with something, celebrate with them and show respect for what they have achieved. If you don't do it, they will continue to prosper and you will continue to gossip about their success inside your room. Meanwhile, while they are making progress with their lives, you are here lamenting 'God when?' with angry voice. It's good you understand the source of your backwardness now and try to eradicate it, else, it may end in tears.


No matter how bad a person is to you, don't envy their progress. If it's not you today, who says you won't have your portion anytime soon? To anyone who has started making progress, don't deny others any opportunity that comes your way. Working against the success of people around won't make you any better. In fact, you are shooting yourself in the leg. Another reality you don't know is that you can't enjoy it alone. You better take along people now in order not to regret later.

 By: Muhyideen Kolawole

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Tamarack Verrall
Oct 24
Oct 24

Dear Tesleemah,
What wise words. Yes, we hold ourselves back when we envy others' movements forward. How much more powerful to be inspired by each other and work together. I love that you have a photo of trees. They send nutrients to each other through their roots when one is in need.