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Posted October 25, 2021 from Nigeria

The reek of beer and tobacco that accompany your passage does not make you a better or respected fellow in the society. You are rather looked with denigrated eyes. You become a useless entity in the society, everyone sees you as a hellion, no one wishes to be associated with you anymore. How do you find enjoyment in what doesn't make you any better? That path has never been a fruitful one for those who thread it. Stop smoking, dear. Let your family be happy to have you around.


Should I expose you to the best way to enjoy your life and feel the best of yourself? Take your bath; dress yourself– appear like moon; locate fine eatery; order delicious; eat fantastic; drink softly; pay your bills and rest a bit. Explore the length and breadth and see the beautiful world. Now, your family will be so much proud of you. Remember you once had a thought of some future achievements, you can still attain those beautiful things. Don't belittle your ability. Tell yourself: "I'm responsible. I'm honorable."

 By: Muhyideen Kolawole

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Jill Langhus
Oct 27
Oct 27

Hello Tesleemah,

How are you doing, dear? Thanks for sharing this raw, thought-provoking post. Does it resonate for you?

Oct 29
Oct 29

Greetings Tesleemah.
I like this. Straight talk and no insult.