Daily Trip To The Ancient Heritage

Posted October 26, 2021 from Nigeria

*Daily Trip to the Ancient Heritage* 

In a society where people are not behaving normal, where mental challenge is rampant, where atrocities become the daily business, where poverty has turned many to something else, there is need for pity. Those you consider bad may not also be happy or contented with the situation they are, if you could just move closer, show some care and have mercy, perhaps they will change. For you to be seen responsible is not your power.


Walking away from them won't make them any better. Understand that they cannot help themselves. They are looking forward to your calm and pleasing advice. Let them see a better life through you. Mercy is very important to have a peaceful society. There is no way everyone will behave in the best of manner. But when one is patiently handled and mercifully treated, there is every tendency of changing one's way to a better one. You can make a change.

 By: Muhyideen Kolawole

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Tamarack Verrall
Oct 26
Oct 26

Dear Tesleemah,
What a beautiful and important message. What powerful leadership toward the world we know is possible.