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Posted October 28, 2021 from Nigeria

You see, the real victory is not in your personal success and unhampered progress but your ability to take along people who never thought they could ever do anything great with their lives. Your individual breakthrough is not new and to some extent, not effective; how many people can tell their success stories with you as the cause? Sometimes, it's a fear of failure, sometimes selfishness, or even wickedness. Dear, dare them all.


If it's the fear of failure, note that helping others will never work against you except if you lack sincerity. Selfishness is never a good virtue; think of others and know that it's not your power alone that brought you to where you are. Perhaps you are so wicked that you don't want anything good for others, think twice, there is no gain for you in others' failure. Believe me, there is nothing that can express the joy you experience when someone succeed through you.

 *Muhyideen Kolawole*

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Jill Langhus
Oct 29
Oct 29

Hello Tesleemah,

It's very true that there isn't anything quite like the feeling of uplifting others. Thanks for sharing, dear.

Oct 30
Oct 30

Hi Tesleemah
I totally agree. Thank you always so much for sharing wisdom.

Much love