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Posted November 22, 2021 from Nigeria

Dear you that has a friend, family or colleague whose attitude towards others looks abnormal, or you are with a person who is mentally stressed due to some problems he or she faces, I beg you never to leave them alone. The least but worthy thing you could offer such a person is a listening ear. Try as much as possible to pay attention to such a person's cry. Don't give them a change to think it's time to leave this world.

He doesn't need to tell you that he needs your help. Help him with everything you have. Become a good companion who is always in pain because of the person's pain. Speak good words and encourage him never to give up. Trust me, you will never be forgotten for this kind act. Don't mock their situation or take them for granted. If you do and that led them to suicide, you will regret it forever and ever.

 *Muhyideen Kolawole*

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Nov 23
Nov 23

Thank you so much for sharing this reminder.
I hope you are doing well today.
You are right. Most times, all people want is a listening ear and a feeling that you care.
We need to remind ourselves of this daily.

We hope to read more of your writings in future.
Love and light.