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Humana People to People Congo - Farmers' Clubs

Tess Michaelson
Posted August 20, 2015 from United States
Expired on October 19, 2015

The general idea of the Farmers Clubs program is to organize small farmers to increase their capacity, share knowledge and resources to improve agricultural production and living standards through training and by practicing sustainable farming methods. The organization also hopes to increase the revenues and expand the marketing of products at good prices. By their model, the farmers are organized in 20 clubs of 50 farmers each: 5 clubs or 250 farmers form a project. Each club elects a management committee who trains the group in communication and coordination of activities while also relying on a Farmers’ Instructor to provide lessons and assists the clubs through monitoring and education and other activities. The program is aimed at farmers - male and female - of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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