Carol's Life Change

Cathy Russell
Posted November 23, 2017 from United States
Carol's Life Changes
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Carol Pratt was in an abusive marriage for 26 years, and never got the chance to grief the loss of her mother, brother and father, because her husband stole those moments from her, as he strived vigorously to interrupt her peace of mind, and continued to be abusive towards her. Whatever happened to the love, compassion and empathy that once possessed the world, she thought.

Carol decided, if she wanted her life to change, and the physical, mental, emotional and financial abuse to stop, she had to break free of her husband chains of abuse and manipulation he had over her. After 26 years, Carol walked out the door in the freezing temperatures of zero below outside and decided not to look back.

Weeks later, Carol enrolled in Helping Hands Technology, Career and Financial Empowerment Program and completed all stages of the program. And now she is on the journey of obtaining the career of her dreams. Carol Pratt life is filled with love, joy, peace and happiness, and she owes it all to Helping Hands Educational Program, because the program changed her life. Carol self esteem is soaring and she learned to have self respect for herself once again.

Thank you Gift Of A Helping Hands Charitable TR for helping me and other domestic violence survivors to break the barriers of domestic, physical, mental, emotional and financial abuse toward women.

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This story was submitted in response to After #MeToo: Stories of Change.

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Fudeh Laura
Jun 15, 2018
Jun 15, 2018

Wow my dear I lack words but I must say am proud of you. Am happy you have a better life now dear, keep on going my dear many more better things are ahead.

Enoch Prince Adjei
Oct 07, 2018
Oct 07, 2018

Wow,God is always good. We may never understand the wisdom and will of God,but we simply have to trust. Today you are better person now. God bless you for your story.