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Start A Chapter In Your State or Country

Cathy Russell
Posted November 26, 2017 from United States
Expired on January 25, 2018
Start A Chapter
Let us pitch in and be a blessing, be a huge impact and help change million of peoples life worldwide.

Start a Chapter in your State or Country as an umbrella under the Gift Of A Helping Hand Charitable TR. Be A Voice by starting a Chapter to provide food, clothing, shelter and education for the needy. Go to our website at, click on the link Chapter and apply. An administrative fee of $3500.00 is required. Let us come together and be a blessing.,impact and help change the life's of millions.

Utilize This Offer

By setting up a Chapter in their State or Country to help the less fortunate and bring about an enormous change in the world we live in today.  There is so much uncertainty and we need peace, love and unity right now.

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