The truth about Dilma Roussef

Themis Aline
Posted August 12, 2010 from Brazil
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One of the brazilians presidential candidates, Dilma Roussef, was raised into the elections by the actual President - Lula. She belongs to the generation who fought against the dictatorship in Brazil, using arms. Then with the democratization process in Brazil she entered into politics, but never was candidate to any position either parlament or State Government or Local Government.

She belonged to PDT Party (Labour Democratic Party) and in 2001 changed to PT (Labour Party). In 2002, when Lula was elected President for the first time, she became Minister of Mines and Energy and in 2005 she became Ministry of Civil Affairs (the main ministery in the Government) when the Minister José Dirceu was accused of corruption with many others in the Labour Party that directly or not were involved in Lula's Government. It was a very big scandal, mainly because Lula was elected to change the lack of ethic in the brazilian politics.

Last year Lula decided, without consult his Party, that she would be his candidate to Presidential elections. After that Lula made all efforts to raise his candidate to popular aproval. Then began the process to transform a very cold and non smile woman into a tender and easy smile person. She even did plastic surgeon in orther to appear more soft. She changed her lips also. She is a fake. We never know if she is talking the truth or not. It seams that she is saying what people wants to hear not what she really thinks about whatever the subject is being dicussed.

It is a pity that when the women has a chance to become a President we do not have a good representative considering that Marina Silva, who is a legitime sincere, ethic and commited with the environment and the poor, has no chance to win.

Therefore, Dilma is not Lula even with his big mistakes in the national and international politics he is a little genuine.

Nowadays, she is drawn to the other candidate José Serra.

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