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About Me

Founder of Think Humanity, "a positive change for refugees and underdeveloped communities in Africa" in 2007. Followed the vision and passion to change the lives of people, one by one and adhering to Bono's principle that "one's destiny should not be solely determined by where they are born." Has over 20 years of administrative/leadership experience managing in several non-profits and philanthropic organizations and has worked since 1999 in an early childhood non-profit organization with experience in statistical reports/analysis, grant writing, and human resource management. To provide relief, support and hope for a promising future to refugees in Africa. The challenge is to get people wrapped around the idea that by giving $5 for a insecticide-treated bed net they can save lives. Networking, fundraising, grant writing, compassion and love for "the least of these."

My Vision

That malaria will no longer kill 3,000 children a day in sub-Saharan Africa. That African children will have clean water and access to a quality education.