Think Humanity, helping refugees in IDP Camps and UNHCR Camps by selling handmade jewelry made from recycled paper

Beth Heckel
Posted October 22, 2009 from United States
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Think Humanity has partnered with a group of women from Uganda that live in the Acholi Quarter Camp for Internally Displaced Persons. Parents of night commuter children in Gulu, known in the USA as the “Invisible Children," are making beads to help earn family income and sustain a community financed food-aid program for their children. We purchase the jewelry from them and they benefit, but then we sell in the USA at a reasonable profit. 100% of the money then goes back to help with Think Humanity projects. It will then benefit those refugees displaced from war-affected countries living in Uganda in refugee settlement camps.

We are helping to build a small economy in Uganda, but at the same time helping our own self-sustainable projects in refugee camps.

Pictured is Agnes, a refugee from the DRC (Congo) who recently arrived in the Kyangwlai Refugee Camp in Western Uganda. In June 2009 Think Humanity gave mosquito nets to new refugees in the village of Rwenyawawa and Nyamiganda. Agenes is a widow with two children and three orphans. Her husband was killed by rebels. Her new hut has a leaky roof and is flooded every afternoon when it rains. No one helps only that we gave them mosquito nets.

We raise money to help widows like Agnes and her children.

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