Equal pay for women

Tiffany Brar
Posted October 4, 2021 from India

There are so many factors that affect equity of women with men. One of the key issue that I would like to discuss with my world pulse sister’s is the salary differences that exist between men and women.

Why a women should be paid less that a men, who are working in the same sector and designation? Is that because of the difference in the physique or the stereotype attitude that existed in the society for years that men are more powerful than women.

Both women and men are producers in the society either it is in large scale or small scale. Mostly in our culture women tend to leave their jobs after marriage whereas men continue in their jobs. In some areas men are capable doing more work than women and in some areas women are able to do more work than men. Women who are working should be waged the equivalent sum as men, the mode of operating work must not be the same, but they must be comparatively alike.

The society which we live still believe that men are stronger and they are allowed to move up in the ladder of profession without any hindrance no matter the field of work and the experience. It is a characteristic frame of mind that I have observed in people that women are not much skilled in raising their kids and can concentrate in their profession, where they can not play a dual role. I mostly think that this factor mostly contribute to the salary bias in any part of the world.

When the work-related isolation in the name gender and  conventional low estimating  of profession carried by women, changes definitely these wages based discrimination will come to an end and women can get equal pay and be more independent and supporting to the economy of her home and to the world.


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Oct 05
Oct 05

Hi Tiffany and how are you?
Thank you for raising your voice on equal pay for women. You know, (personal experience), I found that even in the entrepreneurial sector, female entrepreneurs are also demoted by society simply because they have labelled men to be better at a profession or a skill. Things are getting better slowly, but there's still a long way to go. Let's continue to support each other and stand for equal rights.

Much love.

Beth Lacey
Oct 06
Oct 06

You said it, Tiffany. This happens everywhere and complaining about it usually results in more inequity for the woman

Dalitso Lungu
Oct 07
Oct 07

I believe women must come out strong to accomplish the equall pay agenda.

Oct 12
Oct 12

Thank you for bringing the awareness on this. If both men and women are doing the same job, they should have the same pay. There is improvement in recent few decades but it still exists in some places in the work.
It still needs to increase the awareness and enforce the relevant laws/regulation.
May Almighty God gives us more guidance and support on this!

Oct 13
Oct 13

Tiffy this is very important issue. Thank you so much for raising your voice.
Love you.