Tiffany Brar
Posted August 10, 2018 from India
Blind students doing yoga.
Blind students doing yoga. (1/1)

Yoga, and unique way to keep the mind free from emotions and it is the best method to connect our body and mid. According to most o f the people yoga is highly beneficial since it is a traditional method of keeping the mind and body fit, which gives a good peace. People say that YOGA is a common way of relaxing our body and mind and it is beneficial for each and everyone in this world.

Yes, of course. I agree with those views, but I had a question within myself for a long time?

If yoga is beneficial for everyone, then why doesn’t it be if for blind people also? Why don’t we visually challenged, enjoy the divine full experience by doing yoga?

I always have a very big thirst for self discovery, in terms of mind and health. Through some of my friends, I found that yoga is the best method to find truly what we are, and still I realized it is not too late learn yoga. I understood that age and disability is not a big barrier to learn yoga. I decided it is not me alone who is going to get benefit from yoga, but my blind students also need to get the complete positive experience of yoga. I was very strong in this and I included yoga, as one of the curriculum in our training programme.

One of the yoga trainer, who is a very good friend of mine, came forward to teach yoga to my blind students and for me. From the initial one week class, I understood that yoga is not a common form of exercise which includes sitting, walking, standing and jumping. It is all about different poses that we make by coordinating our mind and body. For the visually challenged people, maintaining the body balance is very important, because falling or slipping down is of high risk for people like us. Most of my blind students felt that they may drop or trip down and little tensed at the initial classes.

Later, after a couple of weeks, I found of a positive progress in the minds of my blind students. The yoga trainer had a very good vision for how to train the blind students and she was very patience and much dedicated while teaching the poses. She was much student friendly, and soon the classes went on as we planned and the students realized what yoga is. She highly focused on verbal guidance and step by step teaching, since the blind students will not be able to make eye contact or recognize the gestures. I found a remarkable transformation in the cognitive precession of my students and I decide that yoga should be a part of our curriculum, for the coming batches also.

As a blind when I learnt yoga, I found certain changes in myself like which I want to share with all my dear sisters in world pulse.

  • Much knowledge about the  body and spatial awareness as  blind
  • More sense of the obstacles in my path while walking with my cane
  • Abundant improvement in self learning and strength of mind
  • Ability to control my emotions
  • Additional knowledge of having a balanced diet
  • Of course being simpler, devotional and quality life.

Yes, finally I found and realized that “YOGA IS FOR EVERYONE” and it is highly beneficial for anyone. Disability is not a barrier at all, to learn the pathway to enlightenment and cleansing our mind and in harmony with our body





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Jill Langhus
Aug 10, 2018
Aug 10, 2018

Hi Tiffany,

How are you doing? That's awesome that you and your students are doing yoga now. That must take quite a bit of discipline and perseverance initially to master?! I'm glad you learned it, though, and are not only receiving so many awesome benefits from it, but also passing on your knowledge.

Hope you're having a great day!

Tiffany Brar
Aug 13, 2018
Aug 13, 2018

hi jil,
hope you are doing good and thanks for your supporting messages..
we train our blind children in yoga to build high level of confidence in them and for good health..
have a great week ahead and prayers for you always.

Jill Langhus
Aug 13, 2018
Aug 13, 2018

Hi there lovely,

I am, thanks:) You're very welcome!

Yes. It certainly is a great idea.

You, too, friend:)

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi
Aug 08, 2019
Aug 08, 2019

Hi Tiffany,
This is truly amazing and very inspirational for those who think that they cannot do anything. Thank you for sharing this amazing story and looking forward to hearing more of your stories.
Stay blessed my dear sister.