How do blind people see nature?

Tiffany Brar
Posted April 13, 2019 from India


This question is often asked to me by my friends. They think I cannot see nature at all. They are wrong. I can feel the beauty of the flowers even though they are so silent they give us a sense of tranquility, and happiness while looking at them.  The rain drops, their sound and the coolness they provide, the breeze and  the trees and their silent presence. The trees protect us, but we don’t realize this we cut them for our own pleasure, but god made all this and it should be preserved.

 I love walking in the wind, and my anger cools down when I feel cool breeze on my face, rain drops  sea waves and  the sound of birds. These are little little things which make one happy, and I as a blind person can also feel these things even though I cannot see them. One doesn’t need ye eyes to see one only needs a should and an inner vision, that in itself is your eyes a person who can see from the  outside but not from the inside is  blind, not me I am not blind.

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Jensine Larsen
Apr 13
Apr 13

Tiffany, your poetic words are so calming, freeing and uplifting. Thank you for illuminating your world for us and how alive your senses are. You are a true leader and we look forward to hearing more from you as your journey continues my sister!!

Apr 13
Apr 13

Hello Dear Tiffany,

Thanks so much for sharing your insightful post. You have a very rich imagination, and beautiful rich and eloquent words to match:-) Beautiful. I can only imagine the verdant valleys and beauty that you envision.

Hope you're doing well, and having a great weekend!

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