violence Against women

matilda mensah
Posted June 26, 2014 from Ghana

Violence against women has been a big global gender issue especially in Africa in these gender issue women and children are the most affected,gender violence has promoted extreme poverty ill health,mental and emotional disorders in women .it is my plead to the our world leader to address the issue of gender violence. when a woman finds herself in such situation it make it difficult for her to concentrate on the positive of life get evaporated she becomes quiet powerless,transform into a slave to be used for forced labor or a sex slave during war in this enslave circumstances,women are valued as war booty men are not seen in this trade they kill the men and capture the women to their selfish gains some of this women are murdered in addition inflicting emotional pain in them whiles the women has no idea when the war slavery will come to an end.

Nigeria is facing an impending gender issue on women violation where by two hundred young school girls has been held hostage by Boko Haram in the northern part of Nigeria,this situation created negative impact on their academics leaving them in emotional and spiritual stress and havoc eluded the government,these group participated in the wholesale murder of families and it has incited deep fear in Nigerian living in the northern part of the country especially women. These two hundred school girls from a boarding school in chibok,a town in northern Nigeria,is creating ripples on social media most of these girls are between the ages of 16 and 18 and were in the process of writing their final examination when the abduction happened in the middle of the night on April 14, 2014,these kidnappers forbids western education initially it was alleged that the girls had ben taken to the sambisa forest whiles other reports made mention of the girls being taken across the order neighboring Chad and Cameroon and sold into sexual slavery or possibly forced to marry thus insurgents. Gender issue has become a very big global problem these violence against women need to be addressed on the plight of women in a male dominated world the gains in achieving equality do not match up with realities of a modern world. Our targeted goal is to eliminate gender disparity in our societies . Attack on the chibok girls is not a joke is just similar to an abduction that occurred i northern Uganda in 1996 when 139 girls were abducted from their schools by the Lord Resistance Army acting under a supposed Biblical mandate,most of the girls the girls returned back to their families and no one could tell what really happened to these girls whiles few many remember the kidnapping of schoolgirl in Uganda,most can identify with the Moniker Malala, the plight of Malala Yousafzai,the Pakistani schoolgirl who was shot in the head by Taliban gunmen for speaking out about right of women to be educated, the world recoiled in horror as the story of malala unfolded as she struggled for life after the shooting in october 2012 Trokosi shrine in the Volta Region of Ghana is still going on this came to a light when we made a week long investigations of undercover mission to some of the areas are Asitor Atama shrine at Ave-Dzalele in the Akatsi North District and Mafi-Wute shrine at Mafi in the Adidome municipality among others are women and young girls in some of these shrines are still suffering from abusive cultural practices which are very inimical to their personal and societal development Trokosi shrine is a ritual servitude where traditional religious shrines take human beings,usually young virgins girls ,in payment for servitor in religious atonement for alleged misdeeds of a family member these girls hairs are shaved and can only boast of a pieces of cloth to cover their nakedness with some thread of leaves on their legs and neck in a typical old traditional style which depicts some amount of disgrace to human rights and modern tradition . The girls are enslaved and made to go to farm as early as 5:30am each morning without any footwear and on an empty stomach,and work on the farm of their masters,as well as to do their demeaning works that their masters deem fit,men around the shrines who works with their masters take advantage of the vulnerability of these girls impregnate them thereby depriving them of their potentials in life. There are been deprived of education and other social and intellectual development,as they serve their master to atone for crimes allegedly committed by their relatives . Their term of service depends on the negotiation and condition that brought them to the shrine,if there is no intervention from external bodies the position of their masters,despite showing readiness to stop the practice,the masters of the shrines have indicated that they can only stop when an alternatively livelihood has been provided for them,since they use the girls on their farms

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