Tivachi-the lone wolf.

tina cogin
Posted September 19, 2020 from Canada

As day fades slowly into night

I meditate, who has the right

To judge my way

And when night merges into day

Trouble courses across the land

Rage and hatred manifest

I cannot hope to understand

This unrest.

I am at heart a simple soul

Look into my eyes and find me

Loyalty to family is my goal

They are in my heart, inside me.

How to protect, defend

Feed and nurture

When there seems no end

To sickness and much torture

Of the soul

Hummingbird come,messenger of goodwill

Shower my spirit and fill

The sad,torn world,

So full of grief

Dispel misery,bring relief

Let all creatures be reborn

In peace.


This story was submitted in response to From Poetry to Paintings .

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tina cogin
Sep 19
Sep 19

Thank you-someday it may come to be.

Nini Mappo
Sep 19
Sep 19

Hello Tina,
Welcome back to World Pulse. I love how much life there is in your poem, reflecting the reality of our world at the moment.
But your poem also shows what is in our hearts, that under all the fear, the unrest, the anxieties _ we have hope, that our families will be 'saved' and thrive again, to rebuild our communities.

Thank you for sharing.

tina cogin
Sep 20
Sep 20

Thank you. Basically a reflection on this time of madness!

Sep 20
Sep 20

Thank you for sharing.

Hello, Tina,

Welcome back to World Pulse! How have you been? I hope you are safe and well. Thank you for sharing this poetry with us. I hope, too, that there will be a rebirth for all of us, and we'll find peace.

tina cogin
Sep 23
Sep 23

Thank you for your comments-always appreciated. Tina