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About Me

Dear sisters and Equality Avocates,
My name is Nsimire Ruchogeza, I'm 24 old and married, I have a degree in BBA and also a diploma in architecture , I am the founder of buene hope foundation, my passion is helping desable persons and create a better world for them, that passion came from my background challenges, back in the days I was a sickness person and be that didnt affected me only phisicaly but also emotionally and psychologically but thank God I got people who helped during that time and as a sick person I was I felt incredibly good to have those as I'm okay now and from that time I knew how desable people felt and I decided to give them that amazing feelings and hope I received from people when I was sick and help them to overcome that problem by providing that physically needs they lack of and most important building a platform that can help them to not fell less than us and that they can take advantage of their talents and skills to make a living from it

My Vision

My vision is to build a center therapy psychiatric for handicapped,hospitals for free charge of desable and open up a school for them


Support my fondation so that the
vision can become a reality , let
give them hope and build a better world for them in Africa


I have experience of working as an architect and a manager
I'm also a mentor, motivater figure and bringing hope and support to others


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