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About Me

I've known me for quite some time and, normally, I should be the authority on myself but everyday I learn something new. One day, a philosophy friend of mine asked me a question "Who are you?" I couldn't answer him then and I can't answer him now because the minute I start to describe myself, to use words, I'm putting myself into some kind of structure. By putting myself into structure I find that I'm locking out all the possibilities. But, for the sake of this section I'm a woman, I'm a daughter, a friend, a family person; I'm an educator, I learn, I teach, I share; I'm an individual - I exist in a society I love and hate at the same time...I'm uniquely me :) Photography, Dancing, Videography, Laughter, Life! Being true to myself even when I must contradict someone else for the better of the majority. Photography, Audio Production, Video Production, Communication (Group, Interpersonal, Organisation, Media)

My Vision

A place that celebrates unity regardless of all the differences for the differences make us so much more enjoyable.