Deaf Women Economic Emancipation Program (DWEEP) Progress Report

Posted September 23, 2015 from South Africa
DWEEP women flanked by Mr. C Louw from National Empowerment Fund
Progress Report Presentation
Progress Report Presentation: Ms. T Mokoena, Ms. A Humphries-Heyns with the Sign Language Interpreter Ms. S Thahamane (1/24)

I want to share photos of our event which was on the 19 September 2015. The event was a success and we reached consensus on short term goals we want achieve before 2016 September.

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Dec 16, 2015
Dec 16, 2015

Hello tmtsa,

Glad to have got the information.

I volunteered to assist the Vulnerable in my community, especially the disabled  with information of how they can be assisted either by wheelchairs, education, sseminars to know their Rights etc.

Unfortunately, I dont have a camera or a digital phone whereby I can take  photos to post online.

I grew up with my Deaf cousins son, who was abandoned by her mother She got marrried left her two children a girl and a boy. The boy is deaf and she did not disclose she had children.

The deaf boy used to come with an empty plate and would point at his  stomach and show us with sign language by pointing at the mouth to claim the stomach was empty. That his cousin  cooked food ate with their brothers and did not give him.

The grandfather managed to educate him in a DEAF school up to primary level. When he closed school he found the grandfather died, buried and they did not inform him.It was so sad because he went to sit down on the grave and he cried uncontrollably He knew that life will never be the same he was everything to him (like a father(  .

Last week I attended my Aunties burial preparation I was with him He was so happy to see me  He is lonely the relatives are less concerned, I watch helplessly when I see such cases he had done carpentry at School. 

If empowered he would have a good business. How I wish he can have friends they can share their needs internationally


Jan 22, 2016
Jan 22, 2016

Dear Teresa 

Happy New Year. My apologies for delaying to respond, thank you for sharing your experience with me. a Deaf World can sometimes be a lonely World particularly if you live with people who cannot converse with you or understand you... Its quite sad that he was not informed about the grandfather's passing. Information and good education is a powerful tool that I believe every human being should possess. I hope one day a good samaritan will spot his talent and afford him an opportunity of  becoming successful a young business owner. 



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