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It's really a pleasure to be able to read and share the thoughts of so many caring persons from around the globe who are all trying to make the world a better place.

For almost two decades I, like many others was on the corporate tread-mill, juggling an executive job with a husband and two young children. I earned a great salary but I had little time with my family and for the first 10 years of their lives saw my children for less than 30 minutes a day. I convinced myself that it was quality of time not quantity that mattered but I was only fooling myself.

A few years ago I realised that although I had everything I wanted financially I was not happy and I started looking at other life paths. I started studying the great philosophers and the teachings of men such as Dr Robert Schuller, Dr Wayne Dyer and Dr John DeMartini and undertook training in Neuro Linguitic Programming. I continue to study.

I founded Sow For Success and now work as a life and business coach helping others find their true life purpose.

I have also increased the time that I spend in Asia and am passionate about finding a sustainable way to give opportunities to street children and their families. Giving them food and money seems to be a short term solution and even convincing them to attend school does not reap the success that you might hope for as the mindset of the children seems fixed on scarcity and they find it hard to rise abaove it. They quickly revert back to their early way of life because it is easy.

I am also passionate about:

(a) creating a safer working environment for the 'bar' girls and giving him the chance to get skills that will give them another career should they so choose; and

(b) giving the Overseas Foreign Worker (OFW) a voice when they are mistreated in their new country. Ideally it would also be good to find a way to stem the flow of OFWs as they have a devastational effect on family relationships, Mothers and fathers often do not see their children for up to 2 years.

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Tonette Watson

Improving the lives of children Patience. Writing, policy development, legal interpretation

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A world where everyone has enough