Water Ionizers: The Kitchen Gadget You Didn’t Know You Needed

Posted June 2, 2015 from United States

Buying a water ionizing machine isn’t exactly an everyday occurrence and probably isn’t even an everyday sort of thought. However, with the rise of nutritious diets based on fun and interesting food science, it seems sort of weird that water should be left out. We are, after all, mostly made of it and we use it for just about everything. So, how can you benefit from buying a water ionizing machine? Oh let me count the ways! If you don’t believe what I am saying, please check some Amazon reviews!

What is ionized water anyway?

On the first hand, to be sure, there are no physical advantages or disadvantages associated with consuming ionized water alone (also known as alkaline water) but there are still many benefits to using it.

Ionized water is not much different from regular water, in fact, so it’s perfectly safe to consume. Water ionizing machines use electrolysis to separate hydrogen molecules from oxygen molecules and free up electrons, which alters the pH of the water. As we know from science class, water has a neutral pH of 7, with bases (or alkalis) being anywhere below 7 and acids being anywhere above. But don’t worry! The effect isn’t enough to create anything caustic or corrosive. The alteration just bumps the water up or down on the scale, giving it slightly different properties and making it somewhat more reactive.

Super-powered H2O!

That newfound reactivity gives your water new abilities. It’s kind of like Bruce Banner being hit by gamma rays, only imagine it turned him into a great big pink hulk who makes kittens and rainbows. Acids and bases both have their uses.Bases are more chemically reactive, so that means you can do things like make tea or dissolve oils much more efficiently with alkaline water. Many people also prefer the flavor, especially in areas where water tends to be harder.

A kitchen work horse

Acidic water can be used in many different applications. Ever seen one of those lists of all the things you can do with vinegar and baking soda? Vinegar is just an acid, and baking soda is a base, so acidic water can act like a much gentler form of either and can be used as a harmless alternative for washing produce, wiping down counters, even disinfecting your hands.

Cooking with it is entirely harmless and much more efficient. Again, since it is more reactive, it tends to have more flavor and can actually encourage a better flavor in your dishes. Why? Well, everything we taste is water soluble, meaning that when it hits water, it breaks up into tiny little pieces that can fit into the receptors on our taste buds. The better a food is at dissolving in water, the more we can taste it. Acidic water and alkaline water both encourage this process without having to use anything extra. So, ditch the extra sodium, sugar, and fat. Buying a water ionizing machine can actually replace a whole slew of bad habits without you having to give up being a gourmand.

The benefits of ionized water are myriad and really, depending on how you choose to use your water ionizing machine, the applications are really endless. It really is like giving you water super powers.

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Alyssa Rust
Jun 03, 2015
Jun 03, 2015

Dear Toniokeson,

Thank you so much for sharing. I really found this post very interesting. I have heard about people using ionized water for cooking and drinking but I didn’t really know why or exactly what the difference was. After reading your post it made me want to look up more information. Thanks for sharing!

Sincerley, Alyssa