Be positive

Posted March 22, 2020 from Nigeria

No matter what we might be passing through, let's stay positive.

 The challenge the world is facing now will soon be gone. Let's react positively to the situation.

Corona Virus is just a trial if faith. It will soon be a thing of history. 

 Keep safe!!!

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Rahmana Karuna
Mar 22
Mar 22

oh dear, africa is just getting this plague.
I usually do not post this much and am usually very supportive. but i have been following this pandemic since it hit the usa, 2 months ago. and it is a domino effect of collapsing economies thru china, europe, usa........
This is highly contagious and most recent out of san francisco today is it is transmitted thru the AIR.
please, faith helps. Trust in God and tie up your horse.
This virus spreads very quickly. and is deadly. and overcomes all the hospitals. if your country and local is not testing and isolating, and not calling for social distancing, then your country is in for a big one.
the first positive test in USA was Jan. 20, 2020. Since then, the virus (which causes the disease COVID-19) has spread to almost every state, with new cases emerging every day. we are hardly even testing and there are more than 38,000 positive now in the usa. Death per day is what shows the trajectory of the disease. italy now has 800/day die.
stay more than 6 feet away from people. and watch this map, i was just going to write and post about this.
The USA trajectory is rising faster than any other country due to not testing and isolating positive tests regardless of symptoms. now our first US senator is positive (republican and had lunch with all the other GOP).
i know the doctor who posted this:
Forwarding takeaways from the UCSF COVID-19 town hall today - infectious diseases conference
1. If you’re exposed to COVID, you’re likely to see symptoms in about 2-9 days, with median of 5 days.
2. The common symptoms are acute respiratory distress and fever, often high, which may be intermittent but can be persistent and last over 10 days.
3. Breakdown of cases: About 80% of those who contract COVID only get mildly ill; 14% get hospital-ill, 6-8% critically ill. The mortality rate seems to be between 1-3%, but that needs to be adjusted for age. Mortality is 10-15% over 80, and drops lower for younger cohorts.
4. The bulk of those who fall ill are aged 40-55, with 50 being the median. But being young and healthy (zero medical problems) does NOT rule out serious illness or death; it may just delay the time course to developing significant respiratory illness by about a week or longer.
5. Findings confirm that COVID-19 is spread simply through breathing, even without coughing. It seems unlikely that contact with contaminated surfaces is a primary means of spread: "Don't forget about hand washing, but if you don't want to get infected, you can't be in crowds.”
6. The virus spreads by air and in droplets (sneezing and coughing), but also via fecal-oral transmission. This is where hand washing with soap is key. And try to eat only cooked foods if you didn’t prepare them yourself.
7. COVID likely originated in bats. But for those sharing rumors that COVID came from Chinese people eating them, researchers now believe it went from bats to another animal species before jumping to humans, and that fecal-oral transmission was the likely vector. WASH YOUR HANDS.
8. There are no real treatments for COVID yet. Remdesvir has shown signs of reducing mortality but it is in still in tests, is in short supply and only available under restriction. Steroids, a common treatment for respiratory illness, may make things worse.
9. The terminal phase of COVID is acute respiratory distress, treated by putting patients on a ventilator. We have 160K ventilators in the US. About 1M will need ventilators. Half will die in the first week; survivors stay on for 4 weeks. “We don’t have enough ventilators.”
10. This graphic is scary. Italy is already overwhelmed. Many countries are just days behind Italy on the case curve. The US is actually breaking the curve—because of the Trump admin’s mismanagement of the situation.
11. 40-70% of the US is likely to get the virus. Around 150 million is the UCSF estimate, with a 1% rate of mortality, which means 1.5 million Americans will likely die of this disease in the next 12-18 months.
To put this in context: In 2019, 606,880 Americans died of cancer.
12. We are “past containment” at this point, experts say. The massive errors by this administration early on make it impossible to stop the spread—we can only slow it so healthcare can catch up. And no matter what anyone says: We won’t have a vaccine for at least 12 months.
Thank you for sharing, Rodney Birney.

Jill Langhus
Mar 23
Mar 23

Hello Topeolaleye,

Welcome to World Pulse! How are you doing, dear?

I totally agree with you 100%! I think we all need to focus on gratitude and optimism, too, while we practicing caution and staying safe, that is:-)

Thanks so much for sharing your much-need optimism. I'm looking forward to seeing more stories from you and learning about what you're passionate about and what your goals are.

Mar 23
Mar 23

Thank you. I will definitely be sharing my story soon

Jill Langhus
Mar 23
Mar 23

You're welcome, dear:-)

Great to hear!

Hope you and your family stay safe and well...


Hannah B
Mar 23
Mar 23

Welcome Topeolaleye!
Thank you for this reminder to stay positive and remember to have faith in a difficult time. I am happy that you have joined our community and I look forward to learning more about you! :)
Kind regards,

Mar 23
Mar 23

Thank you Hannah. Nice being here

Hello Topeolaleye,

Welcome to World Pulse! What a joy that new voice from Nigeria is rising up!

It takes a courageous woman to speak a message of hope in times of confusion and fear. Thank you for your gentle reminder to look at the brighter side. I love the term "react positively".

Please continue to write your stories. We would love to know more about you. I am curious, how did you learn about World Pulse? We are happy you are here!

Welcome again to our growing sisterhood! Please stay safe, too. :)

Mar 29
Mar 29

Thank you Karen

You are welcome! :)