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About Me

I am Ugandan currently volunteering with my local Red Cross Branch in kumi.
I worked with a Local organization and part timed with Action Aid International.
I like volunteering and found myself doing it hence my signing up with Pulse.
i like to adventure, sports and my hope is for a better world becomes a better place for all of us
with equal opportunities.
I do happen to believe that if we learn to tolerate others cultures and belief, and have respect for them,then there would be a modicum of peace .....just a little any way.
I am friendly, sensitive to others, observant and a really good listener and confidant. peace, love, sharing, equality, poverty free envi, reading, sport and all kinds of aventure not having enough to help others in need. organising, mobilisation, research and listening

My Vision

A world of equal opportunities free of political, social and economic espionage


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